Define : we noticed that there was a large price difference in 2 laundry detergents. so my group and I did some investigating and experimental trial and errors. We compared the most laundry detergent woolite with tide to see if it was worth $4 extra.

Discover : We ran some tests. we got 3 strips of a rag and dumped them in a bowl of coffee fro 2 minutes. we then put them in 3 cups. Two of the cups have detergent in it. approximately 10 drops of woolite in one and 10 drops of tide in the other. the final cup is filled with water.

Deliver : We put the rags in the cups and let them sit in the cups for a minute and a half. After putting them in the cups we let them dry on a wall for 72 hours.

Debrief : After 72 hours we came to a realization that the tide was the cleanest of both the detergents and the water. We also found out that a lot of companies sell the exact product as all the other companies but they just charge more.

One thought on “Solution fluencys Block D”

  1. Thank you for your detergent experiment post. You have explained the experiment but you could have added few more details regarding the solution fluency steps. Another thought is to add media and debrief your process by considering what you did well and what you could have improved as you went through the solution fluency process.

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