About Me

My name is Ryann McCready…And this is me;

    I was born April 14, 2002. I am in Grade 10, and mostly love school (except for Socials). I have 2 cats and an amazing dog named Harley. I have 2 siblings, a brother and a sister, and 2 younger cousins. I adore all animals and here are some more useless things to know about me:

1) I may like and re-quote many things throughout a day, but I doubt that I will ever claim a favorite quote because each and every day a new one is created to be someone’s new favourite, and I like sticking by my decisions.   

2) I don’t have a favourite YouTube clip because in general I find watching old videos of people doing stupid things and making mistakes pointless when you can watch them do it live right in front of you.

3) I love the movie Moondance Alexander, which is like movie from early 2000’s that like no ones ever heard of but I love it so much and I can’t even explain it to myself why I love it.

4) I love reading about the stupid things Trump does and how many lies he can say in one speech… It makes me laugh every time 🙂

5) I am an extroverted introvert… Which might not make sense but describes me to a T. I love talking my friends-sometimes. And I don’t particularly like meeting new people, and I actually prefer to be by myself with a good book. I can be super shy and naïve, but also usually know really weird random things that no one else does.


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