Science electric house project

Project questions

1 When you unscrew one of the light bulbs in a series circuit then all of the lights will go out because they are all in one path so if anything happens the circuit wont be a complete circuit so all of the lights go out.

2 When you unscrew one of the lights in a parallel circuit only the one you unscrewed will go out because in a parallel circuit there is multiple paths so if one path is not complete then the other paths will still be in function.

3 The parallel light bulbs were a lot dimmer then the series light bulb. Because going through the parallel circuit is not mandatory and going through the series is.

4 They were the same brightness. Because there is one parallel and one series bulb and both are drawing the same amount of power.

5 I collaborated well because I did what I had to do on time and neat. I collaborated with Jakob and we made 1 of the series circuits. I did well on building the house making the circuit diagrams and making the circuits.

Information fluency

1 We had to research how to make a complete circuit how to use the brads and paperclip to make a successful switch and how to make a complex circuit.

2 We used google and youtube to find our information.

3 We found that how to make a complete circuit we had to have everything connected and working. That the one of the brads would hold the paperclip in place and the other would complete the circuit when the paperclip touched it and a complex circuit is a circuit that can not be reduced to 1 resistor.

4 The house pictures are at the top of this post.

5  The process of building the house and making the circuit was really good. We could of improved on the circuits because they took a long time to make and they shouldn’t have.

Self-Assessment electric house-t358do