Richard Cory

What is the relationship between the Richard Cory and the speaker

They could be people that sold him stuff. They all respected him and they thought he was happy

How does rhyme and meter move the poem forward?

The rhyme scheme is abab and it is like that thee whole way through the poem


What does the poem suggest about envy?

People were jealous about his money and his life but they did not know that he was not happy


What does the poem suggest about privilege?

Even though it appears that he has the best life he did not think that he did and he killed himself

Barney questions

1 Barney makes it seem like Tayloe tried to poison him and he gets the scientist to fire Tayloe so it is just Barney and the scientist left on the island.

2 The spelling is so bad at the end of the story is because Barney is writing the paragraph instead of the scientist and he is impersonating him.

3 Tayloe is fired because Barney made it look like Tayloe tried to poison him, so the scientist would feel bad for Barney, so he fired Tayloe which is what Barney wanted to it was just Barney and the scientist left.

5 1 the scientist is willing to die for the rat but the rat kills him

2 He says that he would keep his journal to date but misses a few days

3 the spelling is off because the rat is writing the journal instead of the scientist

Response Question

I think that it is okay for the scientists to work in private if they know what the risks are, and they know how to handle the risks if they do happen. The scientist should know the limitations but if they don’t then they are going to have to learn what they are before they start experimenting and doing experiments. If they are doing experiments on humans, the scientist needs to have permission from the human that is getting experimented on. If it is an animal, it is tougher because we can’t communicate with them, so we can’t ask for permission. The scientist should know what they are doing because the scientist in the book wanted to make rats more intelligent, but he made it a lot worse because he made the rat a lot smarter then him and ended up killing the scientist.

Wish You Were Here

1 The story is mostly told by Dorothy but when she dies the story is being told by Norah because Dorothy is dead. The purpose of having two parts is because the story can’t be told by someone that is dead, so it can’t be told by her anymore.

2 Dorothy was not home for breakfast the next day and this was unusual. When Norah went to Dorothy’s place an ambulance was there.

3 If Norman didn’t see one of his customers for a couple of days he would check in on them. He took the time to stand up the gnome for Dorothy after it fell. The author showed Norman’s good qualities because the reader would not suspect Norman of doing anything bad.

4 No, because Mr. gnome’s messages were meant to scare Dorothy and for her to think something is wrong. Norman did not have much of a reaction to Dorothy’s death. He did not seem very surprised.

5 This story is interesting because it is like a mystery with clues.

6 This story would not make a good story because it is to short and there is not much action, so it would be boring.

7 when I first met coach Jason in baseball I thought he would be very hard and tough but after a while I realized that he was a nice coach.

Sea Devil questions

The Sea Devil

1 He fishes by night because:

  • He liked the loneliness and labor of it
  • He liked being the hunter
  • He liked the clean taste of salt when he gripped the edge of the net with his teeth
  • He liked the arching flight of 16 pounds of lead and linen against the starlight
  • He liked the weltering crash of the net into the unsuspecting water
  • He liked the harsh tug of the retrieving rope around his wrist
  • He likes the way the net came alive when the cast was true
  • He liked the thud of captured fish on the floorboards

This leads to conflict with the ray because he was all alone and there was no one there to help him from the ray.

Significance that he does not fish for a living because he would have known how to handle situations like a ray or some other kind of danger.

2 He saw 2 ripples in the water behind him that had a sluggish oily look. This is foreshadowing the ray because it had a sluggish oily look, so it was something big. He is a man that works with his head not his hands. This foreshadows when he had to use his brain to survive by using the stake to cut the rope of the net. “The man smiled a little; porpoises were his friend.” This foreshadows that the porpoise is his friend and will try and protect him. The porpoise tried to kill the ray by hitting it with its tail.

3 The complicating incident is when he sees the two other rings of water and he knows that is not a small fish. One rising action is when he is fighting the ray and he grips onto one of the stakes and it breaks. The climax is when he breaks free from the net and he made it to the surface. The resolution is when he lets the mullet free because he makes it back to shore and the story ends. The ending is happy because the protagonist is successful, and he makes it back to shore alive.

4 Civilized world: when people live in a well-organized and developed society.

Primitive world: characteristic of early ages or an early state of human development.

The purpose of the references to the plane, the causeway, and the man’s wife is to show how far the world has evolved and can do things like fly a plane that fight against nature.  These references are all from the civilized world and he is hunting for food which is part of the primitive world.  He can buy food in the civilized world but he chose to hunt for food and almost died doing so. The reference to the wife at home is also representing comfort and safety.

5 He learned how the fish feel when they are being dragged by the fishing line. He releases the mullet because he just experienced what he did to the mullet.

6 He put his hand on the stake above the barnacles and held on to the good, rough, honest wood.

The night was as black as a witch’s cat.

A school of sardines surfaced suddenly, skittering along like drops of mercury.



1 sullen: to be sluggish, slow, or gloomy

2 weltering: to move in a turbulent way or to rise and fall or to toss about in the waves

3 elemental: meaning the basic needs of man

4 sinewy: the lean or muscular part of a person or animal

5 hoisted: to raise or haul up

6 phosphorescence: luminescence caused by the absorption of lights or electrons

7 cordage: cords or ropes, especially in a ship

8 exhilaration: a feeling of excitement, happiness, or elation

9 atavistic: something that happens from a very old habit from a long time ago in human history

10 centrifugal: moving away from the center

11 gauntly: bleak, desolate, or grim

12 impeding: delay or prevent someone or something by obstructing them

13 tenaciously: in a determined or unwavering manner

14 respite: a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant

15 equilibrium: a state of physical balance or a calm state of mind

16 imminent: something unpleasant is going to happen soon

A Mountains Journey

1 Dave Conroy was in the wilderness because he was collecting fur to sell to make money.

2 We knew that he probably not going to make it when he did not stop at the spruce tree to rest and make a fire. Also when he fell down into the water and his hands and feet get frozen.

3 His first mistake was when he did not stop at the spruce tree and make a fire because he was thinking about it and he knew that he was going to have to make a fire at some point and he was freezing. His second mistake was not building a fire when he fell through the ice and into the water. Also, that is when his feet and hands were starting to freeze so he had to warm then up so they don’t get frozen. His third mistake is when he finally wanted to rest but he didn’t build a fire by the tree, so he could not warm up to save himself. He could have prevented himself from freezing by building a fire at any point before he fell though the ice and into the water.

4 He is traveling alone in the winter wilderness (exposition). The complicating incident is when he was at the summit he realized he should of made a camp back 2 miles back. The three rising actions are when he fell down the hole and got all wet, the second one is that he kept traveling and he should of made a fire, and the third is when his hands were to frozen to light the match and he could not start a fire.

5 The setting is on a snowy mountain in February in the past. The setting effects the plot and theme because if he was traveling at a different time of year he would not be experiencing the same weather conditions and he wouldn’t have to make tough decisions. The theme Is making smart decisions and not going over the limit because of your pride.

6 An example of symbolic setting is “where the fire leaped from the cabin, stiff, branchless trees, like a parade of skeletons climbing up the mountainside.”  The meaning of this is that it represents what is to come for Dave Conroy and all the other men before him that ended their life on the mountain journey.

7 Examples of symbolic setting are:

  • His skis had sunk a foot in the new snow, white and soft as flour.
  • It broke with a low muffled reverberation, startling as if the river had spoken.
  • In its lights he perceived on the slope above him, where the fire had leaped from the cabin, stiff branchless trees like a parade of skeletons climbing up the mountainside.
  • A biting wind was driving the mist back up the valley.


1 eternal: when something lasts or exists forever

2 immobility: it is when something is not moving. It is motionless.

3 opaque: is when you cannot see through something

4 reverberation: an effect that resembles an echo

5 momentum: the force or speed of movement

6 cadaverous: when something resembles a corpse in being very pale, bony, or thin

7 congregated: is when you come together in a group or crowd

8 inundation: is when something is flooded or there are a lot of people or things

9 beggared: when something is lacking, missing, or without

10 filched: is when you steal something small or petty


The Friday Everything Changed

1 The boys are upset with the idea that the girls can carry the water bucket because they like to do something that is real and they like missing school for 30 minutes at a time. Also it shows that they are strong.

2 The strategies that the boys use are trying to hurt the girls, throwing ink balls at them, tripping them, writing mean notes, and trying to fight Alma.  The girls react by all sticking together. Also when the boys were being mean to one girl all the girls felts like it was happening to them.

3 The story is being told by a girl in the class who sits next to Alma. The girl looks up to the teacher. She thinks that the girls should be able to carry the water bucket as well. It is her perspective of what happens so the story is told in first person.

4 The setting is in the past in a school where all the grades are in one room. It is a time when boys are better then girls. I know it was many years ago because the teacher could hit the students, they used ink pens, and all the grades were together in one room.  The setting intensifies the conflict because all the kids are in one room. Also the older kids can pick on the younger kids and the boys can pick on the girls.  It is person vs person because it is the boys vs the girls.

5 The protagonist is Alma because she is the one who asked why the girls don’t carry the water bucket. She is the one that they boys picked on first,  she is the one that got the most bullied and she is the one trying to make change.

6  It means that the girls are equal when it comes to getting water. They can experience something real and they get to carry the water bucket. They also feel powerful because whoever gets chosen to get the water gets recognized and they get looked up to.

All About Me

Getting a dog was such an important part of my life because… We got a dog two years ago in May because we were all having a hard time back then so we thought getting a dog would make us all happier. We drove to Langley to go see a dog that was a puppy at the time.  He was only 4 months old. His name was Wally and he was a little brown chiwawa and dash hound mix.  His mom was a rescue dog from California. When we walked in the room it was loud because of all the barking and there were only two dogs in the room. One of the dogs was Wally and the other one was a growly white dog. The white dog was Wally’s mom. It was a small room with a small backyard with a few patches of grass. We wanted to get him because my sister’s friend just got his brother at the time and we wanted to get him so they could play together. When we were at the house Wally was really scared because he was the last dog there out of his four brothers and three sisters. Wally was staying there with his mom. I think that Wally was acting nervous because all his brothers and sisters were gone and every time someone came to look at the dogs, one of the brothers or sisters left when the family left. We looked at Wally and we decided that we were going to get him. When they came over with him a few days later to do the payment and paperwork me and my sister were so excited because we were going to get our first dog in a few hours. When they finally arrived after what felt like years Wally jumped out of their car and started walking towards our door. I could tell that Wally was scared because he was pulling the leash and trying to walk back towards the car. When he got inside our house he was still nervous, but he was looking better then before. He walked outside into our backyard and started to smell the green grass and the blooming flowers. He liked our backyard because there was a lot more area to run around and play. When we got Wally, we decided to change his name to Flash. After a few days he was still nervous, he was always hiding under furniture, and he wasn’t eating much. We took him on a lot of walks around the park that he liked. The park was very large and it had a small playground in the middle but most of the park was grass. The park was round with lots of trees and benches surrounding the playground. There is a gravel path that goes around the park and leads to our house.   Flash likes the park better when the sky is blue and filled with birds chirping. The park smells like trees and nature. With the birds chirping and the kids playing there is always something to hear. Flash likes to run around the park because there are always at least a few other dogs at the park running and playing. When Flash is at home he like to sit by the warm cozy fire and sleep in his soft grey bed with his blue blanket. Flash is a soft dog and his fur is calming to pet. Flash likes being pet and shows us he is happy by wagging his tail and perking up his ears. Flash rarely eats his brown disgusting kibble unless there are treats in it. Having Flash in the family has made us all a lot happier so getting him was a good thing to do. We always invite Flash’s brother Bob to our house so they can play together. They play for hours before they even got tired. When they are playing it is enjoyable to watch because they fight over toys, wrestle, and run around. That’s why I love having my dog.