My Digital Footprint

Future Opportunities:

I don’t have a digital footprint right now.  I don’t use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.  I Googled up my name and nothing came up.  There are no pictures or articles about me online.  It can be a good thing to not have a digital footprint because anyone who searches up my name won’t find any bad pictures or negative things.

Not having a digital footprint can also be a negative thing because nobody will know anything about me.  If I apply for a job I might not get it because they won’t be able to find out any details about who I am.


One way to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe is to not use social media.  By not using any social media sites will ensure that nothing negative gets posted.

If you were to use social media sites you should only post things that are appropriate.  You should also be careful about what you do as people can take pictures or video of you and post it online.

You should also be careful about who you have as friends online.  To keep your digital footprint safe you should set everything to private and only have your family and close friends as people who could see what you post.




I learned that you should be very careful with what you post online and also what other people might post about you online.  I would tell other students to only post appropriate things because you don’t want anything negative to impact you at a future date.

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