PE Health Unit 2 Self Assessment

Scene: walking into restaurant sit down at table
Rumin: that was a great game
Tim you guys played so good
Mehrshad thanks
Clayton Thanks
Rumin How do you think that the dance is going to go
Tim I can’t dance but It should be fun
Clayton What do you mean?
Rumin Cuz I got the weed bruh
Mehrshad You’re kidding me right?
Tim nope
Rumin only for $10 WE can get high before the dance
Clayton I got to go to the bathroom
Mehrshad OK
Rumin SOOOOOO do you guys want it now or at the dance
Mehrshad No thanks
Mehrshad (comes up with idea) how about at the dance
Rumin SO who is in
Tim I’m in
Clayton (walks towards the table and sees them)
Tim Waves
Clayton OH Shiz
(Clayton comes)
Clayton Hey
Rumin Are you high
Clayton (Confused) SURE!?
Tim Can I get high now
Mehrshad That’s weird
Rumin let’s wait after dinner then we will do it outside of the gym
Rumin Ha 11 people $110
Tim Ok I’ve got an extra $10  
RUmin OK here
Mehrshad ooooohhhhh I forgot that I have a science project sorry guys I have to go
Tim stay
Rumin I doubt that your science project is that important
Mehrshad it really is
RUmin I really don’t think so
Mehrshad Well I am already not going to the dance and I have someone to pick me up already here
Rumin K bye
RUmin (to tim) DO you have anymore people that we can get profit off of
Tim Yes
(Mehrshad walking into councillor)
Clayton HI you came to see me
Mehrshad yes there are people selling and smoking weed outside the gym
Clayton OK how do you know this
Mehrshad they offered me
Clayton this is a bold move that you are doing, why did you do it
Mehrshad Because that is the right thing to do
Clayton you did the right thing,
Clayton were sending cops on the way
1)      Pressure from friends (etc.).
2)      It was both refusal and delay and them I went to the counsellor to report it
3)      Our conflict was resolved by getting the cops to arrest them for illegal action and it made them more resilient by putting them in a real situation and making the right move.

Community Connection

I interviewed my father; he is a air conditioning mechanic engineer. I chose to interview him because I am interesting in engineering and mechanics, and I want to work in that field when I grow up. I learned that you need to be good at working with tools and machines and have knowledge in physics, chemistry, and math. It connects with my passions because I like working with tools and machines and I am also good at math.

The interview with my father

Why are you passionate about your job?

I like to work with and fix mechanical devices.

What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today? There are some obstacles for me in learning because English is my second language and my memories aren’t as good because of aging.

What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

You need to make good observations on the machines you are fixing to find the problems and their causes. You should also always think about what you are about to do.

Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

Yes, my Email is:

My own question: Will you continue to work in this job?


My own question: What skills or knowledge do you need for this job?

You need have good foundations of math, physics, and chemistry. Then you need to receive professional lessons and training of air conditioning in college such as BCIT.


“ics refrigeration”的图片搜索结果

my father’s company


air conditoned freezer room

Health Education


Lesson #1  What are Your Stressors

Personal Reflection

Think about all the things we have discussed and learned about today. Life is filled with stressors, there will always be stress, it simply changes over time. Learning methods to cope with it at different stages in life is important. List 3 things that personally cause you stress in your life. Briefly explain what each thing is and why it causes you stress. Explain some positive things you can do to help yourself when you are feeling stress.

Things that causes me stress:

  1. Homework, causes me stress because I want to do good in school

I cope with stress by relaxing and sleeping well when I’m not too busy, and when I have lots of homework, I’m ready.


Lesson #2  Digital Footprint

Personal Reflection

Take a few minutes to look at the additional resources below. Take a look into your online life, google your name, as you begin googling your name add information to narrow down the search. Beside your name and the different social media accounts you use, add your school, add activities you are involved with. Observe what appears when your name is searched online. There are 2 parts to your assignment. Firstly, briefly explain what you found and discovered while searching yourself online. How did it feel to google search yourself?  Secondly, explain what steps and strategies you can take to protect yourself online to ensure you have a healthy digital footprint and appropriate digital reputation.

I found a picture I drew back in 2009 when I googled my name. When I added in my school name to the search, I found my edublog account. You can protect yourself by making fake internet names and very hard and complicated passwords.



Lesson #3  Emotional Well Being

Personal Reflection

Your assignment is to identify one new strategy that you used and learned today that can be used to cope with difficult times in your life. Explain how you would use it, give a real life example.  (Possible responses: Rules of Five, mediation, mindfulness, deep breathing, positive self talk)

Taking deep breathes relieves stress in the first time. Then think about if the issue will mater in 5 minuets, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. After that, talk to yourself to calm down and think about the solution to the problem.


Lesson#4  Seeking Support

Personal Reflection

Think about a situation in your life, where a friend or family member may need support in an unhealthy relationship. Explain the situation briefly, identify one responsibility that you have as a good friend/partner. If the situation requires support, how and where would you access that support (Some possible responses may include: to never say anything mean about anyone online, to be kind and caring, to trust my partner, to respect my partner’s time with family and friends, to encourage my friends/partner, etc.)

Situation: My friend Bob has another friend Bill. Bill is unhappy that Bob is friends with me. Bill thinks he is the only person that Bob should hang out with.

My responsibility: Have a group talk with Bill and Bob together and ask Bill what is the problem. Don’t show hostility towards Bill which will only worsen the situation.


Lesson #5  De-Escalating Conflict

Personal Reflection

Explain a recent situation in your life, or someone you know, where there was conflict, an opportunity for you to be and Agent of Change. Reflecting on the variety of tools provided in this lesson, describe several tools that could have been used to bring resolution to the conflict. If you are struggling to think of an example, feel free to use one above.

Situation:When we walk down the hall, a group of students always makes comments about my friend being “so fat.”

Tell my friend and myself to stay calm and not get aggressive. Go up to the group of students with my friend and tell them that we aren’t happy about this comments. If they respond aggressively then just walk away and talk to my friend about his feelings. It’s better to then go talk to the counselor.