a mid summer nights dream trailer

RuoMin’s reflection:

This trailer connects to the text in the way that shows the visual scenes from the play. The trailer showed what the play would look like according to the texts. I feel that during this project, I learned what really happened in the play. I had a better understanding by acting it out.


The process my group followed was drawing templates, acting the scenes, and editing. The hard ships we faced during this process were not enough female characters, so Karl and Metis needed to be the girls. There were also editing technical difficulties. Our group also had disagreement and arguing during times between our members.

Everything I know about exponents

1.Represent repeated multiplication with exponents: 2^3=2*2*2

2.Describe how powers represent repeated multiplication: in 2^3, the 2 represent the number being multiplied by itself, the 3 represent the number of times that it is multiplied

3&4.Demonstrate the difference between 2^3 and 3^2: in the first one 2 is being multiplied by itself for 3 times, but for the second one the 3 is being multiplied by itself for 2 times. 2^3=2*2*2=8, but 3^2=3*3=9







7.For multiplying and dividing powers with same base, you keep the base. For multiplication, you add the power, and for division, you subtract the power. Ex: 3^2*3^5=3^7              3^7/3^2=3^5

8.Raising product to a power:

when you take a power to a power, you multiply the exponents, (x^a)^b= x^a*b

when raising expression to a power, you raise numbers of variables inside the bracket to the exponent then multiply them seperately,         Ex:   (2a)^4  =  (2a)(2a)(2a)(2a)  =  (2 *2*2 * 2)(a * a * a * a) = (2^4)(a^4) = 16a^4

Raising quotient (fraction) to a power:

when raising quotient to a power, the numerator and the demoninator is each raised to the power then divided,  Ex:  (3/4)^3=(3/4)*(3/4)*(3/4)=3^3/4^3=27/64

9.Powers with an exponent of zero is always 1


3^2=9          27/3=9

3^1=3          9/3=3

3^0=1          3/3=1

11.For a power with negative exponent, you turn the exponent to a positive and make the power divided by 1. Ex: 3^-2=1/3^2


3^2=9                              27/3=9

3^1=3                              9/3=3

3^0=1                              3/3=1



14.(a*b)^x=ab^x          WRONG!

(a*b)^x=a^x*b^x   CORRECT




16.Sum: (2^3)+(3^2)


Difference: (3^2)-(2^3)


17.5-2^3=3^3=27 WRONG!

5-2^3=5-8=-3 CORRECT

18.the cube box is 2 meters in side length, what is the volume?

2^3=8     the box is 8 meter cubed in volume

19.a bacteria doubles every hour how many bacteria after 5 hours?

1*2^5=32    32 bacteria after 5 hours




film to literature

Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used the double shot and reverse shot in order to show the emotional relationship and conversation between two characters. For example, in my own interpretation, I kept the reverse shot scene of Kim and Edward because it showed Kim’s care and love for Edward. I also kept the scene where Kim blocked Jim knocking the gun out of his hand because it showed her losing her faith for Jim. This adaptation from film to visual novel taught me to express ideas with still and not motion pictures.