The results we found through the investigation is that No Name dissolved first, and Aspirin almost dissolved immediately after. Motrin followed quickly and so did the Tylenol. Advil didn’t dissolved, it expanded  wile very very slowly dissolving.


Some questions we need to ask gather information for investigation is, “How should we simulate stomach conditions?” The answer we found is to use vinegar which is similar to stomach acid and heat it to 37 degrees which is human body temperature. We also asked “How should we capture the process of pill dissolving?” The answer we decided is to use test tube holders to hold the test tubes and set up a phone on the side filming.

Community Connection

I interviewed my father; he is a air conditioning mechanic engineer. I chose to interview him because I am interesting in engineering and mechanics, and I want to work in that field when I grow up. I learned that you need to be good at working with tools and machines and have knowledge in physics, chemistry, and math. It connects with my passions because I like working with tools and machines and I am also good at math.

The interview with my father

Why are you passionate about your job?

I like to work with and fix mechanical devices.

What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today? There are some obstacles for me in learning because English is my second language and my memories aren’t as good because of aging.

What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

You need to make good observations on the machines you are fixing to find the problems and their causes. You should also always think about what you are about to do.

Would you be open to further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

Yes, my Email is:

My own question: Will you continue to work in this job?


My own question: What skills or knowledge do you need for this job?

You need have good foundations of math, physics, and chemistry. Then you need to receive professional lessons and training of air conditioning in college such as BCIT.


“ics refrigeration”的图片搜索结果

my father’s company


air conditoned freezer room

a mid summer nights dream trailer

RuoMin’s reflection:

This trailer connects to the text in the way that shows the visual scenes from the play. The trailer showed what the play would look like according to the texts. I feel that during this project, I learned what really happened in the play. I had a better understanding by acting it out.


The process my group followed was drawing templates, acting the scenes, and editing. The hard ships we faced during this process were not enough female characters, so Karl and Metis needed to be the girls. There were also editing technical difficulties. Our group also had disagreement and arguing during times between our members.