Everything I know about exponents

1.Represent repeated multiplication with exponents: 2^3=2*2*2

2.Describe how powers represent repeated multiplication: in 2^3, the 2 represent the number being multiplied by itself, the 3 represent the number of times that it is multiplied

3&4.Demonstrate the difference between 2^3 and 3^2: in the first one 2 is being multiplied by itself for 3 times, but for the second one the 3 is being multiplied by itself for 2 times. 2^3=2*2*2=8, but 3^2=3*3=9







7.For multiplying and dividing powers with same base, you keep the base. For multiplication, you add the power, and for division, you subtract the power. Ex: 3^2*3^5=3^7              3^7/3^2=3^5

8.Raising product to a power:

when you take a power to a power, you multiply the exponents, (x^a)^b= x^a*b

when raising expression to a power, you raise numbers of variables inside the bracket to the exponent then multiply them seperately,         Ex:   (2a)^4  =  (2a)(2a)(2a)(2a)  =  (2 *2*2 * 2)(a * a * a * a) = (2^4)(a^4) = 16a^4

Raising quotient (fraction) to a power:

when raising quotient to a power, the numerator and the demoninator is each raised to the power then divided,  Ex:  (3/4)^3=(3/4)*(3/4)*(3/4)=3^3/4^3=27/64

9.Powers with an exponent of zero is always 1


3^2=9          27/3=9

3^1=3          9/3=3

3^0=1          3/3=1

11.For a power with negative exponent, you turn the exponent to a positive and make the power divided by 1. Ex: 3^-2=1/3^2


3^2=9                              27/3=9

3^1=3                              9/3=3

3^0=1                              3/3=1



14.(a*b)^x=ab^x          WRONG!

(a*b)^x=a^x*b^x   CORRECT




16.Sum: (2^3)+(3^2)


Difference: (3^2)-(2^3)


17.5-2^3=3^3=27 WRONG!

5-2^3=5-8=-3 CORRECT

18.the cube box is 2 meters in side length, what is the volume?

2^3=8     the box is 8 meter cubed in volume

19.a bacteria doubles every hour how many bacteria after 5 hours?

1*2^5=32    32 bacteria after 5 hours




col assignment

Your digital foot print can be both positive and negative for your future. It might cause you to lose or help you to gain opportunities. You can provide useful information about yourself on social media, so it’s easier for other people to know you. If your posts are very positive, other people will have a positive first impression of you. For example, lots of people post job advertisements or ask for jobs on craigslist. Your digital footprint can also effect you negatively if you are not careful with it. Your name can be found through search engine, and your posts that you want to keep private will be exposed. For example, a senate candidate of Liberal Party of Canada was impeached for her posts during the national election.

It is very important to keep your digital footprint safe. First, you should post as if you are talking in real life, only post information that you want the world to know. Secondly, lie your personal data on internet. Use fake internet names like “CaptainSponge” not your real name. Fill out the profile on your social media account with fake information. I’ve seen many people who are 90 years old in chat rooms. Lastly, only enter account passwords in your personal wifi. It is a lot easier for someone to view their own wifi search history than hack into someone else’s wifi, so don’t enter passwords in wifi that isn’t yours. If you follow these steps, you might not be completely secure, but it will be a lot harder than someone to Google your name and finding your account.

I learned that your digital footprint can be easily exposed to any person without the professional hacking skills if you don’t take secure of it. I would tell other students this by showing them that some of their account might show up on Google search.

job ads on craigslist, good digital foot print

the candidate kicked out of office(be aware of your posts)

“fake birthday info”的图片搜索结果there is actually a generator just for fake profiles

watch whose wifi you’re using

章若珉小朋友的作品I found a picture I drew on Google

Last of all, remain anonymous!

“fake profile”的图片搜索结果

film to literature

Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used the double shot and reverse shot in order to show the emotional relationship and conversation between two characters. For example, in my own interpretation, I kept the reverse shot scene of Kim and Edward because it showed Kim’s care and love for Edward. I also kept the scene where Kim blocked Jim knocking the gun out of his hand because it showed her losing her faith for Jim. This adaptation from film to visual novel taught me to express ideas with still and not motion pictures.