Math inquiry project self evaluation


Making this inquiry project and researching has changed my thinking about this topic. I did some research back then since I watched the video but never had the chance to put my findings and thoughts together. I always looked at kinetic energy, momentum, and velocity, but something I suddenly realized during this project is that many soft objects have small holes within them. The sources I used are mainly online calculators and videos of test footage. I personally like to see actual experiments because I believe that an actually experiment or test is just as or more important than the theoretical calculations, and I am a practical person. Some things I could look forward to research is: do all soft objects have more holes in them than hard objects, how is energy transferred during impact, does the impact time have a effect on it, and is momentum or kinetic energy more important for penetration. I didn’t do any experiments this time since I didn’t have the equipment, so in the future, I hope I can get a license and have some actual rifles and bows to test with.

Racism then vs now

Racism situation now has definitely improved from the past, but there are also more hidden issues. In the past, the racial segregation was largely promoted. For example, the ban of marriage between blacks and whites; there were separate washrooms, restaurants, and train cars. The discrimination was also direct. For example, the race has to be listed on ballots, and during the Great Depression, blacks were forced to give up their job for the whites. These direct segregation and discrimination laws were abolished, and people have realized it as an issue. But similar issues still exist. There are still segregation between races despite there are no segregating laws. For example, blacks and whites now days still largely concentrate in their own different communities. Many black communities (“Hoods”) have poverty, high crime rates, and high unemployment rates.

Desmos Art Functions Portrait 2018

I figured out which equations to use based on my previous knowledge, worksheets, and exploring by trial and error. My challenges are I didn’t learn some of the equations in class, so I spent a lot of time doing trial and error. I had aha moments when I finally found the right equation and realized their shapes. I got some help from the internet researching about the shapes of different equations. This assignment helped me to better understand properties of equations and their shapes