Literary Studies 11 – Poetry Project


My life was an empty scrapbook, no photos nor letters to furnish the pages.

Nothing inside but an endless bundle of blank paper

Like an avalanche of snow tumbling from the mountain side.

It sat in solemn silence in the back of a cluttered closet filled to the brim with worthless treasures.

Knick knacks and what nots packed like sardines in a tin.

All those which are high in cost and low in value.

There, the book would lie behind all the madness

Collecting dust rather than memories.

One morning, a boy came to my door.

He had gentle features and the brightest eyes

As if he had movie projectors playing behind them.

He said he was a photographer and asked to take my picture.

A picture? Of me? What for?

I did not want a photo of myself.

For I would have no use for it.

But the boy snapped the photo anyways.

The camera flash was a warm ray of sun and it lingered in my eyes as it faded.

He handed me the photo in silence.

I gazed at the moment in my hand

 Deconstructing the face that smiled back at me.

I saw a girl who was utterly alone.

A girl who was living like she was already dead.

Her eyes appeared as if they were made of glass and her smile lacked radiance.

Her skin was like aged porcelain that would crumble from a single touch.

Then I peered back at the boy who stood in front of me.

The blush of his cheeks was like a Santa Monica sunrise.

His lips were sculpted with such sophistication,

that even the finest artists could not create a work of art as angelic as his smile.

The beating of my heart seemed to become louder and louder as I fixed my eyes upon the boy.

I felt something I had never quite felt before.

In that moment,

I felt alive.

I peeled my hand from the inside of my pocket

Hoping, just hoping that he would take it.

Hoping he would pull me out of this dark cave that I was imprisoned and would present me to the light.

And he did.

He took my hand and we ran as far as the naked eye could see.

He showed me what it felt like to stand completely still

And to let the rain dance across my face.

He taught me how to roll down a valley hill,

Letting the daisies and the blades of grass intertwine with my hair.

It was all so new.

I had never felt so happy without spending a single cent.

The next day, I cleaned out my closet.

I didn’t want all that junk anymore.

For I would have no use for it.

Then, I came across my scrapbook.

So, I blew away the blanket of dust.

“This is the perfect place to keep all of our photos, don’t you think?”


Poem Composition: Scrapbook

The poem Scrapbook written by Ruby Maher clearly illustrates the importance of human experiences and connections and the idea materialism is not the answer to happiness. The poet received her inspiration for the overall theme of her poem from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. She portrays this theme through her strong use of descriptive language and literary devices throughout the poem. For example, in the first line, the poet writes “My life was an empty scrapbook, no photos nor letters to furnish the pages.” This impactful metaphor is used to explain that the character feels that her life is empty and has nothing to give it true value. The use of photos is metaphorical for memories and experiences in this poem. The character explains how the scrapbook sat in a closet full of her possessions. The “cluttered closet” is metaphorical for the false belief that the more you own, the more successful your life will be. This connects back to Fahrenheit 451 as the societal view in this novel is very materialistic. They find comfort within their products and do not value human interactions. In the poem, a boy appears at her door one day and asks to take her photo. The character is taken back by the boy as she observes his liveliness and compares his energy to her own. She becomes intrigued by the boy and lets him show her how to truly live. The boy in this poem represents the ignition to the girl’s enlightenment. He is the spark that lights the girls desire to fill her life with meaning. This again can be connected to Fahrenheit 451 as Clarisse was the spark that ignited Montag’s journey. At the end of the poem, the girl character finds the scrapbook in cleaned-out closet and decides that it would be the perfect place to keep her new photos. This is metaphorical for filling your life with memories. This poem incorporates alliteration many times. This sound device is seen multiple times throughout the poem. “solemn silence, cluttered closet, such sophistication, art as angelic” are all examples of alliteration use in this poem. Not only does it give the poem another layer of depth, but it is also pleasing to the ear. The use of oxymorons are applied in this poem as well. The poet describes the heap of products in the closet as “worthless treasures”. This explains that the number of objects that she has collected to not bring her happiness. With just these three poetic devices, the author is able to create a powerful poem that explains that true happiness and the feeling of belonging comes from real human interactions and the value of memories.


Poem Composition: Ozymandias

I chose to analyze the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley. I was intrigued by this poem because I loved the use of descriptive words and the irony in this sonnet. This poem talks about a traveler who describes a statue of an ancient ruler in a dessert. He explains how the statue is in very poor condition. This poem contains a lot of useful imagery to visually enhance the description for the ruins of the statue. Examples of this imagery would be when he describes the statue as two vast and trunk-less legs, shattered face, wrinkled lip and desert. I really enjoyed the irony in this poem. Ozymandias presents himself as all mighty and cannot be defeated, but in reality, all that is left of him is the ruins of his statue. Not only has his statue crumbled but so has his power. I found that I could connect this poem the Macbeth. It compares to how Macbeth portrayed himself as invincible, but in the end his power was taken away. I feel that the theme of this poem is that all power is temporary and that there is no such thing as immortality. That death is inevitable and that no matter how powerful you perceive yourself to be, you will fall from your pedestal. Too much control can be deceiving and if we let ourselves become blind to the truth, the last thoughts going through our brains on our death beds will be our regrets.



Blog Log #2 – Dangers of Amazon Alexa

Dangers of Amazon Alexa

I found this article intriguing because I own an Amazon Alexa. I have placed it in my room, where I use it to complete simple tasks for me like turning on my lamp or telling me the weather for the next morning. I believe that the Amazon Alexa is harmless if used and stored in a proper environment. In my opinion, I find this device to be less of a spy and more of a helper. The Amazon Alexa only records one second videos at a time. It listens to each video waiting to hear the commence word, which is “Alexa”. This device will only record longer clips if I feels that you have said the commence word and believes that you are directly speaking to it. I have heard many horror stories about audio recorded off of the Amazon Alexa being mistakenly misused. I believe that if you are aware of what you are saying in front of the device, then there should not be a problem. Most people refuse to purchase an Alexa mainly for privacy reasons. This goes back to my point of being verbally aware of the content that comes out of your mouth. I believe that I you are willing to get an Alexa like I was, then you should only talk around the device in the same manner of how you would speak in a public setting. Otherwise, the Alexa is quite handy to have. I am not worried that anything I say around my Alexa would do harm, as I am always aware of what I say or search while dealing with technology. I believe that the advancement in technology is both a blessing when wisely handled and a curse when inappropriately managed.

La mode Sportive


La Nouvelle Mode Sportive 

Saviez-vous que les vêtements de sport peuvent être innovants? Les vêtements de sport sont confortables et polyvalents morceaux de vêtements. Ils peuvent être mélangé et assorti avec un t-shirt simple ou le jean. Avec les vêtements de sport, vous pouvez être prêt pour un entraînement ou se sentir à l’aise durant la journée. La Nouvelle Mode Sports a tout les nouvelle tendances vous avez besoin pour cette année. Nous parlons de maillot de bain, vêtements de soccer, vêtements du danse, et vêtements de baseball  avec une torsion. Lire jusqu’à date sur la nouvelle fashions qui sont en hausse en 2020 dans notre nouvel article. Après avoir lu cet article, vous ne serez jamais devoir jeter votre ancien ou une taille trop petit tenue de sport encore! .

Les Vêtements de la Danse


Êtes-vous les danseurs et vous avez trop de vieux justaucorps que vous ne portez plus ? Sortez-les de l’arrière de vos placards et préparez-vous de les porter encore ! Oui, pour la nouvelle mode, nous revenons aux années 80. Nous étions inspirer par comment les gens portaient leurs vêtements de sport à cette époque. Mais, il y a un peu de différence. Vous avez vos tenues normales et vous avez les justaucorps, mais que se passe-t-il quand vous mélangez-les ensemble ? C’est simple ! Juste mettez vos justaucorps par-dessus de vos tenues. Oubliez votre style qui était si ennuyeux, et pimentez votre style avec cette nouvelle tendance. Vous serez le mieux habillé pour chaque occasion. Vous pouvez non seulement mettre un justaucorps sur vos tenues de sport, mais vous pouvez également le porter sur une tenue élégante pour des occasions plus propres. Les justaucorps sont les vêtements les plus divers, car vous pouvez les porter par-dessus tout ce que vous voulez. Vous aviez les tenues laides, mais maintenant vous êtes la personne la plus en vogue. Dans la passé, vous pouviez marcher dans les couloirs et personne ne vous remarquait, mais maintenant vous avez l’attention de toute le monde quand vous marchez sur la piste comme une modèle.  


Les Vêtements du Soccer

Qui a vieilles chaussettes du soccer à maison et vous ne savez pas quel fait avec leur? Sont-ils trop petit? Nous pouvons aidez-vous! Pourquoi les jettent, quand vous pouvez les transforment dans la nouvelle mode. La Nouvelle Mode Sport à nouvelle mode, bras les chauds! Ils sont jambières, mais pour votre bras. Nos idées sont plus utiles que notre concurrent. Pourquoi acheter bras les chauds, quand vous pouvez garder votre argent. J’étais heureux avec comment vous pouvez transformer votre vieux vêtement dans une nouvelle mode. Notre mode est plus écologique mieux qu’acheter nouveau bras les chauds. Conduite avec un grand manteau est difficile, mais bras les chauds peut faire il plus facile. Enlevez-vous manteau et simplement mettre votre bras les chauds sûrs. Chaussettes de soccer sont simple, mais peut être chic. J’avais tellement chaussettes du soccer et je ne sais pas quel fait avec leur, jusqu’à la création de bras les chauds. J’utilisais à porter tellement pulls dans l’école parce que c’était trop froid. Avec bras les chauds, je peux porter un t-shirt dans l’école et vous ne sentissez pas froid. Notre mode va donnez vous aussi qualité manufacturé bras les chauds. Ne rater pas sur ce nouvelle mode et garder votre argent!

Les Vêtements de Natation


Hommes peut être fashionistas aussi!

 Es-tu allée nager ? Avez-vous été fatigué de la typique vêtements ? Ne sois pas triste ! Vos problèmes sont résolus ! Je portais lunettes de piscine sur ma tête en 2018 est c’est très ancien et moche, maintenant les hipsters porter lunettes de piscine sur le poignet. Parce que c’est très créatif et beau. J’avais une serviette marronne mais maintenant j’ai une serviette blanc. Serviettes blancs sont les plus belles serviettes ! Quand j’étais seize j’aimais rose bonnets de natation mais maintenant j’adore blanc bonnets de natation parce qu’ils sont très chic et magnifique. Chaussettes ne sont pas usé dans la piscine mais maintenant chaussettes sont très moderne et aide à garder vos pieds propres dans la piscine ! Ne pas portant chaussettes est moins appropriée que portant chaussettes. J’adorais mon sac à dos, parce que c’est très léger, unique, et ça correspond mes vêtements. Le sac à dos était porté sur ton dos mais maintenant vous portez il sur ton de devant ! Nager en maillot de bains est alors l’année dernière maintenant les hipsters portent un T-shirt et pantalon dans la piscine. Cette combinaison est très moderne et ne pas ringarde. Aussi, portant un T-shirt et pantalon aide à garder votre corps échauffer en le froid l’eau.  

Les Vêtements de Baseball


Au dèbut, jouers du baseball portait casques de baseball pour protéger leur tête pendant le jeu, mais plus maintenant! Il est étrange mais la plus recent tendance dans le baseball est les chapeaux de santa. C’est bon a l’obstruction de soleil, tu n’as pas regardes au soleil. Tu obtiens une commotion cérébrale c’est d’accord, pas d’effort, pas d’argent. Il est leger et facile à stocker, votre sac est moins lourd que vorte sace d’amis. Les coulers sont vibrant et élégant. Le rouge et le blanc vont ensemble. Avant tu ne pouvais pas regarder chic, le casque de baseball est simple et ancien. Mais les chapeaux de santa n’est pas drab et ordinaire. C’est une excellente façon d’accueillir 2020. Une nouvelle décennie a de nouveaux styles Vous – etes au centre d’attention et c’est tres bien. Tu vas recruté par la meilleure équipe. Tu aimais le baseball encore plus. C’est le parfait pour faire une entrée. 

Blog Log #1 – The Impact of Dance

I was interested in this article because I am a dancer myself and love reading about science and history of dance. Dance is one of my passions and I find it very intriguing to learn more about this topic. Reading this article, I noticed that the author is very fact based as they wrote this article explaining why it is a human desire to dance. I enjoyed learning the true facts behind the love for dance. The article stated that dance forms a bond between humans and causes people to connect through movement. I was able to make a connection to my own experience. I dance on a team and I feel very connected to my other team members when we are all dancing in unison. The article also states that dance improves our memory, coordinate muscle use, and helps us understand how our movement can be impactful. I find that I can really connect with this statement because I do believe that being a dancer has tremendously benefited my memory and coordination. I believe that dance is both a physical sport and an art form that let’s us express our emotions while forming bonds and improving ourselves.

Rube Goldberg Assignment

Ruby and Emma’s Rube Goldberg

The handle that is connected to the gear spins in a counter clockwise matter which pushes the marble to fall down to slide-like slopes. As the ball passes through the second slope it drops in to a vertical tunnel which leads the marble to fall into a shallow funnel that slows the momentum of the marble. Once the marble passes through the funnel, it drops onto a cardboard platform attached to a small spring which sends the marble to slide down a long wave-shaped slide. The marble reaches the end of the slide where it hits a larger golf ball on a platform. The golf ball then falls from said platform to another platform with a narrow opening which leads the golf ball to hit the floor. The ball continues to roll and hits the line of card boxes which resemble large dominos. The the card boxes fall one after another as they ascend a small set of stairs and hit the mini cereal box that pours into the bowl below.

Mechanical energy as the ball rolls from one point to another.

Gravitational energy as the ball drops down the vertical tunnel and funnel.

Elastic energy as the ball is sent to the slide by the spring platform.

Potential energy before the ball is set into motion by the gear.

Kinetic energy as the marble, golf ball and card boxes move through out the project.

Transformation between potential and kinetic when the motionless marble is forced to move from the turning of the gear.

Transformation between mechanical to gravitational as the ball that was rolling falls into the vertical tunnel.

Transformation between gravitational and elastic as the ball falls from the tunnel onto the spring-held platform which causes the ball to bounce to the next slide.

Math 10 Week 17 – Arithmetic Sequences

This week, we learned about arithmetic sequences and the different formulas to solve these sequences. In this blog post, I am going to show you the different formulas to simplify these arithmetic sequences.

Let’s say we have this sequence:

1, 4, 7, 10, 13…

First we need to find the difference in this pattern.

Look at the amount that this sequence jumps each time, we know that the difference is 3

To find the general rule, we use this formula:

Tn= t_1 + (n=1)(d)

Now all you need to do is plug in the information and do the algebra.




Now, let’s say we wanted to find out what t_{12} would be.

Then we add the first term to the difference 11 times.

t_{12} = 1+(11)(3)

t_{12} = 34