About Me

About Me 

Hello there! My name is Ruby and I am a student at Riverside secondary. One thing that I love about this school is that we are able to demonstrate our learning through technology. I also have a passion for dance. I dance at Pulse Dance Centre for roughly 30 hours a week.  Here is my blog, where you will be able to find information about me, along with all my school work that I have demonstrated for the past three years. 

About my  Passions

Ever since I was 5, I have always loved the art of dance. I am a part of a highly competitive dance team at Pulse Dance Centre. I spend most of my life outside of school at the dance studio. I dance roughly 30 hours per week, where I train in more than 12 different styles. I am also passionate about music and writing. I love to sing, to play instruments such as the guitar or the piano, and write my own music. One of my favourite pass times is to write short stories.

Future Plans

When I graduate, I would love to become a teacher. I have always enjoyed working with children and I would love to pursue this career. I have always enjoyed subjects such as english or socials, so if I did not become an elementary teacher, I would enjoy being a highschool english teacher.

I hope you like my blog!

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