Workplace Safety

To keep me safe at work I will

  • make sure I am using the safety materials properly
  • ask if I am not sure how to use something
  • refuse to do something if it could cause me harm

To keep others safe

  • clean up after myself.
  • Help a new worker that might not know what they are doing.

First peoples principles

The two main first people principles that we looked at was sustainability and interconnectedness, both of these first peoples principles are related to what we learned this year in our science units


sustainability by definition is the ability to maintain at a certain lever or rate, in our most recent unit we learned about spheres of the earth that is what we want to maintain so that our future generations can continue to live on this planet without having to worry about thing like global warming. sustainability leads into interconnectedness which i will now go over


the idea of interconnectedness is that everything is connected for example if there are no more salmon because humans were too greedy the bears would not have food to eat which means they will starve and if the bears die off that will have a huge impact on the ecosystem in the area, so therefore we have to be sustainability on out planet so that all species can survive