Thursday May 16/19

1). Attendance
2). Current Events (Kwok Chung Tam with connections to the Chinese Crime cartels is charged with money laundering, Oshawa Ontario man charged with second-degree murder in the death of 83 year old mother, B.C. man charged in the death of a Japanese exchange student appeals his conviction on the grounds of inadmissible evidence, five Alberta men sentenced for the swarming death of Lukas Strasser outside a Calgary nightclub in 2013, new anti-abortion legislation passed in the state of Alabama, 6 dead and 10 injured when an Alaskan float plane collided with another float plane and a potential lawsuit is looming)
3). Work Check “Chapter 6 – Sentencing, Appeals, and Prison” questions 1-25
4). Class Discussion – Should Canada have the death penalty?
5). Watch documentary “Crime and Punishment – The Story of Capital Punishment”

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