Thursday Feb.7/19

1). Attendance
2). Current Events (two unknown victims were shot in a downtown Winnipeg restaurant late Wednesday night and the suspect(s) are still at large, YouTube sensation Austin Jones pleas guilty to child pornography, Toledo Ohio men charged with planning to attack a synagogue, Arizona nurse Nathan Sutherland charged with the rape of severely disabled patient, Manitoba’s Stony Mountain prison inmate Todd Irving murders fellow inmate Nolan Thomas gets increased sentence, 32 year old man sexually assaults girlfriend’s daughter in the Philippines)
3). Place class into three groups to debate the OJ Simpson cases: Guilty, Not Guilty, Undecided.
4). After group deliberation, each group presents their case. After the initial deliberation, each groups revisited and debunks the other sides in a healthy debate. The debate ends in a class discussion.
5). Distribute assignment “Law: Its Purpose & History” questions 1-10 due at the beginning of Monday’s class.

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