Tuesday Oct.2/28

1). Formative (practice) quiz – Crime & Youth
2). Attendance
3). Current Events (Kayne West changes his name, Portuguese football star Ronaldo accused of sexual assault, U.S. judge nominate Kavanaugh accused of sexual assault, 4 year old boy thrown from roof by brother, another shooting in Surrey, race horse runs through French cafĂ©, former Disney actor David Henry arrested at airport with gun, principal with 25 years experience fired for having porn on his school laptop, sports broadcaster Ernie Johnson sidelined with blood clot in leg, alternative band “21 Pilots” touring through Canada, landslide in Philippines claims 15 victims, first Chinese actress to host SNL, parking app proposal being considered in Vancouver)
4). PowerPoint presentation & lecture “Majority vs. Minority governments” and “Provincial & Local government”
5). HOMEWORK – study for Friday’s Government Unit Test – Part II
6). TEST – Government Unit Test Friday Oct.5/18

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