Math 9 June 4 – 8

We will be working on a Finance Project this week. Step 1. Math 9 Finance Project Step 2.   &  Latex How To Step 3. Budgeting Spreadsheet Math 9 Finance Project PT II Class time will be given on Friday to finish the Project. Once finished, use the “Add Document” function on your edublog to post it. […]

Math 9 May 28 – June 4

Tuesday: Read the following article about how statistical data can be used to mislead you: Find a current (2016 or newer) headline, graph, media story that uses statistics in a misleading manner and explain why it is misleading. Title: Misleading stats Categorize: Math 9 Tag: MisleadingStatsPahlevanlu2018  

Math 9 Apr 12 – 19

Thursday April 12th – Word problems + Quiz HW: All word problem questions from 9.1-9.3 and Linear Inequality Review WS Linear Inequalities Review KEY-paqof7 Monday April 16th – Review Hand in any missing assignment by today. Wednesday April 18th – TEST