In Brazilian jujitsu lowest possible force will be used to stop the movement of a person, lever is used so distance can replace a greater force. Requiring less force […]

Learning to use image and visuals to involve our learning, builds stronger connection to the topic. By using tips from this article, I will be able to free up more […]

After having taking a look at the format of divi builder I came to realize that this editor can be useful for quick edits, it doesn’t require post to be […]

This is the Script: Group: Ronald Ye, Steven Chi, Jayden Wenzel Inertia: Your wanting to travel in the same direction. But when you turn it causes you to lean the […]

During the test critical thinking was encouraged. Restrictions were used to solve for factoring, so we didn’t have to plug number back in to check. Number sense was needed to […]

Dropping A Ball

IMG_0446.TRIM (1)IMG_0456.TRIM Two different videos on the experiment. One dropping a ball, the other catching a ball. Calculations for both experiments.

The article argues why alternative energy should become the primary source of fuel, while trying to reduce the use of fossil fuel. Which interested me, the reason for this is […]

https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/personal/132-rye_sd43_bc_ca/Documents/Attachments%201/House-Hunters-Project-Revised%20copy.docx?web=1 only works if you have word. House Hunter Worksheet (Budget = $1800 max/per person, per month) 1. Source Webpage: apartmentlove.com Date: May, 28, 2019 Cost: $1300/month 2. Housing Information […]