Physics 11 motion project

This is the Script:

Group: Ronald Ye, Steven Chi, Jayden Wenzel

Inertia: Your wanting to travel in the same direction. But when you turn it causes you to lean the opposite way to as where your turning because when an object is in motion it stays in motion.

Introduction: 2 Robber’s rob a bank and the cops are called causing the 2 robbers to grab as much money as possible before the cops come. As the cops arrive to the bank the robbers go to their getaway vehicle where they try to get away from the cops.

1st Law: As the robbers are driving there’s a car at a stop light and the robber’s car slams into the back of that car pushing that car forward.

2nd Law: The robbers are being chased by the cops causing the driver to floor it and increase the cars speed, but they don’t go so fast because the vehicles mass Is greater causing them to go slower allowing the cops to catch up.

3rd Law: the robbers find themselves stuck so they try to smash through a brick wall but the walls mass is greater than the car so when the car tried to smash through the wall the robbers are ejected from the car because they didn’t wear a seat belt.


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