how will humans survive on mars/ other planets and when

My question is how will humans survive on other planets and when will it happen. I think we aren’t that far from it actually being a reality. I think with all the things happening and elon musk working on all of this we might be sending cargo or more drones up with in the next couple years.
#1/ Most of the planets we know we wouldn’t be able to live on because mercury and Venus are way too hot and we just wouldn’t be able to live and most their planets are just too cold the only planet we would have a chance of living on would be mars. #2/ There have already been space ships sent to mars and simulations done to see what could happen and a lot of them have failed, a lot have crashed into the surface some have burned up in the atmosphere and some have just missed it. Space X is already funding and making a ship that would go there with cargo in 2022 and are saying they want their first crew to go in 2024. #3/ It will be hard to colonize mars and survive there because the average temperature there is -55C. if humans wouldn’t be able to stay there because of how cold it is then they would make suits that could with stand that cold and if that couldn’t work the it probably not work out.
I think they should ty to colonize mars because even if they can’t stand the weather they could still use the planet for materials so they could just start to mine on it and use it that way. I don’t know how they would survive there but definitely after 20 years or even a lot more if they would stay on mars it would start looking like a colder version of earth and it could work but knowing humans no one will want to live somewhere where the average temperature is -55 so I don’t know who would go up there and actually test it out other than astronauts.