I was really interested with the topic of this article. everyone can relate with what the author is talking about. He talks about how we are not reluctant enough when we purchase the small things. He uses persuasive words to capture the readers attention. He also uses an antithesis. The author talks about how it’s not big purchases that is effecting our money, but the little things in life; like “expensive coffees.

Teens and Tech

How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers

I was interested with the topic because I think plenty of people talk about this subject, but only see it through one view. How technology has taken over teenagers and their lifestyles has become a negative is beyond me. In the article the use formal words like “intimidating” or “intense” to scary the readers. the stigma is so big that it’s usually makes itsĀ  way into movie through the dystopian genre. For example black mirror. The whole program is about showing the readers what it’s like to see a more negative use of technology in the world.