Bonus Poem


Anxiety sounds like the phone call you were to reluctant to make

Anxiety looks like a thousand eyes all looking at you

Anxiety feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders

Anxiety smells like the stress sweat on your armpits

Anxiety taste like a dry mouth

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I read this article because it was about temptation, and how to control it. The article talks about how people who can control their temptation as children will be more successful later in life. In the article it talks about an experiment made to test peoples will power. It either you eat 1 treat right away, or you eat 2 treats later. I could relate to some of the people in the experiment because of my lack of will power. I always tell myself that I should only eat a few cookies, or go to bed early, but I find myself that I’ve eaten the entire box of cookies, or that I end up going to bed at 2am in the morning. What i liked about the writing style was that it was informative. almost every paragraph gave tips, or facts on how to deal with temptation.

what is means to be polite

I was interested in this article because it was about politeness, and how to be more polite. In the article, the author talks about his experiences of him being polite in high school, and how it was very difficult for his politeness to be noticed. He also talked about how when he was noticed for his politeness it was because he was coming off too strong. I can relate to the author about this. I often say sorry to people even when i don’t need to. Because i say sorry so often, people think that I am ‘soft’ or ‘weak’. I am just trying to be polite. What I liked about this article is that it felt like it was a conversation. When I read it, it felt like i was listening to another person and not reading an article off the internet.