Information Fluency

The questions we needed to research was how it was made, what is it used for and how it relates to chemistry. We used PowerPoint because it is a simple digital tool to put our work in. The process of our work progress was not going so well until we worked hard to finish it and my group researched the questions we put it on PowerPoint the challenging part was trying to find the answer to “how can it be recycled” but we eventually found the answer to the question. What we could of done better is adding more detail and i am proud we worked hard to finish this project.

Chemistry inquiry

Solution Fluency:

Define: We chose fiberglass because a lot of things have fiberglass including our houses. we had to find out how it affects human health and how is it related to chemistry it was challenging at first but then a little while it started to become smoothly.


Discover: We came up with questions on how it was made, what is it used for, how does it affect our human health and how is it recycled. The challenging question of them all was the recycling one because its almost nearly impossible to recycle fiberglass but one way was to put it in a container and put it in the recycling bin if the town accepts it but the rest of the questions were simple to find.


Deliver: We used PowerPoint to put our information we had the other choices to put it in but it was best for us to do it on PowerPoint its much easier to put the information in.


Debrief: we were struggling at first and we didn’t have a question to research but then things started to change and we researched the fiberglass questions and it worked out pretty good. i enjoyed working with my group everyone did their researching and turn out to be good.


Field Studies

In Ms. Yorke’s science 9 class we have learned about invertebrates, identifying what they are. What we found was 2 water penny’s and other groups found spiders, riffle beetle, damselfly nymph etc. During our small trip to the oxbow pond we did a water test sample of the water and our result was that the water is not very clean and its not good for insects that lives underwater. We put on chest weights, so we gain more balance when we walk to the pond and river and we work with groups of 4 or 5 and catch water insects. We went to the pond the most because its closer to the school and easier to catch insects and find more interesting bugs than the river. At the river we didn’t find too much interesting things in the water, we only found pebbles and gravel in the river but the only living thing we found in the river is a tiny insect. At the end we had to compare what we did at the pond and the river. Finding these invertebrates felt very creepy. it was fun going out and finding invertebrates.

Narrative Mood

We picked this poem because we really liked the story and the mood its presenting. The first picture that we took shows that the raven is looking into the night sky because we couldn’t find a real raven we replaced it with a crow. And in the picture the crow is looking to the sky.the second picture shows two crow which represents lenore and the raven. After the raven loses Lenore he’s in sorrow which we found kind of a sad looking crow and we connected that with the book.the fourth picture represents the view in the raven’s eyes with him looking at the sun. the fifth picture shows the raven wandering around at night and because we couldn’t take photos at night and the lightning problem with the cameras so we just darkened the picture with photoshop.The sixth photo shows the raven sitting and waiting above the chamber door.The eighth photo shows the light shining to the raven and leaving his shadow on the ground.

What i have learned about grade 9 polynomials

Types of polynomials:

A Monomial is a polynomial that only has one term in it example: 5x

A Binomial has 2 terms example: 6x+9

A trinomial has 3 terms example: 2xy-6x+3

A polynomial which has 4 terms example: 5xy+2xyz-4+3x

Adding polynomials is basically combining like terms

Example: 2x+4x+7x+3xy+5xy        2+4+6x+4x

= 13x + 8xy                         = 6 + 10x

Subtracting polynomial is the same as adding but you have to flip the signs that are being subtracted

(4x+2xy-3y) – (2x +4xy -6y)

4x+2xy-3y – 2x-4xy + 6y

= +2x -2xy +3y

Multiply Polynomials: There are two ways to multiply polynomials first one is just to multiply the two terms and add the exponents. The second way to multiply polynomials is by having brackets you multiply the number outside the bracket to the inside of the bracket

Example: (1) without brackets

Example (2) with brackets Dividing Polynomials: Dividing Polynomials can look very challenging but its really simple all you do is divide the top number to the bottom number and then you subtract the exponents.




degree of polyonmials:

Degree is the largest exponent of its terms


Digital Citizenship

(1) How my digital footprint might affect my future opportunities is that in the future i will get the opportunity to teach students, making sure that every photo they send is available to everyone online to see so that they can be safe of what they post online.


(2) One way to keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe is to remove anything that is inappropriate and not to copy other pictures from google images

Second way if i want my digital footprint safe i can put pictures that wont harm or offend people in a way

Third way is to make sure that the pictures i post doesn’t have mature and violence in those pictures


3. What Information i would pass on to other students is that everything that you post will be seen by everyone online, so be careful about what you post on social media. for example: do i really want to post this on social media?, is this safe to post? If you’re using someone else photos ask permission first and if they say “yes you can” make sure to always give them credit because it isn’t yours.