Chemistry inquiry

Solution Fluency:

Define: We chose fiberglass because a lot of things have fiberglass including our houses. we had to find out how it affects human health and how is it related to chemistry it was challenging at first but then a little while it started to become smoothly.


Discover: We came up with questions on how it was made, what is it used for, how does it affect our human health and how is it recycled. The challenging question of them all was the recycling one because its almost nearly impossible to recycle fiberglass but one way was to put it in a container and put it in the recycling bin if the town accepts it but the rest of the questions were simple to find.


Deliver: We used PowerPoint to put our information we had the other choices to put it in but it was best for us to do it on PowerPoint its much easier to put the information in.


Debrief: we were struggling at first and we didn’t have a question to research but then things started to change and we researched the fiberglass questions and it worked out pretty good. i enjoyed working with my group everyone did their researching and turn out to be good.


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