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CBL reflection

This year in science we got to do a project called engineering brightness, in this project we got the opportunity to talk to people from around the world. For the project the class split into groups that we created ourselves so that we could try and find some ways to help those dealing with the…

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Dominican Republic light poverty video

To help spread the word about light poverty my group and I decided to make a video showcasing what our class has done to try and help the people dealing with the issues of light poverty.

Mutation story

hey there! my name is polycystic kidney disease but you can call me pkd, i am an X-linked dominant i cause cysts to grow on your kidney and sometimes they grow on your spleen, liver, pancreas, ovaries, and large bowel. Im the fourth leading cause of kidney diseases, and i cause around 5% of all…

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engineering brightness reflection

I think that its really cool and amazing that we get to work and skype with people from all around the world. So far we have done two skype chats, the first one was with Dennis and Eladio from the Dominican Republic, from them we learned a little bit about light poverty and what its like…

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Electricity mind map

Questions: What is the least used source of energy? What is the most used source of energy? How many different types of electrical sources are there? Exactly how many different sources of energy are there?

Science app review

science-app-review-autosaved Science app review:   Let’s say you need to review or go over something that has to do with anatomy of the human body, but you don’t know where/what to look up. A simple solution for this would be to go to google or just have an app on your device where you can…

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1A: The experiment is basically just testing whether or not silly putty can be made in microgravity, and if so they are testing to see if there are different traits of the silly putty made on earth vs the one made in microgravity. WHO: 8th graders from Lincoln Middle School, Lincoln middle school science teachers….

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