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My image represents my fear of row boats. I took this picture when I was in India and we were going for a boat ride late at night. The water levels in the lake are very high and reach very closely near the top of the boat, my fear is that somehow the water will…

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How can one find the beauty in life despite hardship?

    How does one find the beauty in life despite hardship? In the movie The Fault in Our Stars, written by John Green and directed by Josh Boone, Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster are both dealing with cancer. The two teenagers fall in love and spend every possible minute together knowing they don’t…

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Astronomy Wonder Assignment

Why do some planets have rings and others don’t? Although no one is 100% sure how the rings are actually formed, one theory is that the rings form at the same time as the planet and its major moons. If the material is too close to the planet, the gravitational pull is too strong to…

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child labour powerpoint

Child labour1-1r8777r

Group inquiry

group inquiry – final copy-11s7u7a

Future lifestyle

rias future lifestyle-17z4ces



Song Analysis

song analysis-26hmeso

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