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How can one find the beauty in life despite hardship?



How does one find the beauty in life despite hardship?

In the movie The Fault in Our Stars, written by John Green and directed by Josh Boone, Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster are both dealing with cancer. The two teenagers fall in love and spend every possible minute together knowing they don’t have much time. Hazel feels that Augustus understands her better than anyone. They both share a deep love for books and decide to read each other`s favourite book. Augustus loves Hazel`s novel “An Imperial Affliction” so much that he writes an email to the author Peter Van Houten. Augustus then gets an invitation to meet the author. Hazel and Augustus then go to Amsterdam as the biggest adventure of their shortly timed lives. Humans can be hopeful and optimistic: we need to try and appreciate the great moments in our lives instead of dwelling on the bad. This movie demonstrates living life to the fullest, finding the beauty in books, and spending time with friends.






riaj2016 • September 24, 2018

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