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Careers and conversations reflection

Careers & Conversations Reflection

I had the amazing opportunity of speaking with guests with very different jobs. I spoke with Sara Bynoe, Jessica Anderson, Vadim Egorow, Lindsay Jackson, Jessica Callegaro, and Ken Britton. I felt a little inspired by Jessica Callegaro because she is a life coach and personal trainer who virtually helps women all around the world feel better about themselves. I didn’t hear about any careers that I would consider doing but the personal trainer/life coach and the entrepreneur (Jessica Anderson) did peak my interest a little bit. One soft skill for either of these jobs is social skills and how kindly you treat people. A hard skill is being able to help the person and properly use her website to do so. Yes I do think I can gain these skills. It was a very good use of my time and very informative although I wish that there was some of the “basic” jobs like doctor, lawyers, teachers, etc.. but overall it was a great experience and I’m glad it was something I got to see.





riaj2016 • October 16, 2017

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