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This year in science we got to do a project called engineering brightness, in this project we got the opportunity to talk to people from around the world. For the project the class split into groups that we created ourselves so that we could try and find some ways to help those dealing with the issues of light poverty.

To help address the issues of light poverty, my group and I made a video in which we basically interviewed the whole class and asked them what they did to contribute in helping the Dominican Republic with their light poverty issues. The video is also meant to try and raise awareness for everyone who doesn’t know what light poverty is so that maybe they can donate some money to those in the class that are fundraising.

We connected with Denis and Eladio from the Dominican, as well as Mr. Fogarty and his class from New Brunswick, and we also tried to get in contact with some schools close to us in the district to see if they would be able to help us with some fundraising, but unfortunately they never got back to us.

A skill I feel I`ve learned is how to connect with people that we have never met or talked to before.

I feel like the collaboration went really well , we all worked together as a group to come up with the ideas. I feel like the video is something that was done really well, however if we had just a little more time then maybe we could have added some more things to the video, to make it even better. I enjoyed the connections-based learning experience because it gave us a chance to talk to people from around the world that we wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to talk to, and I do feel like we made a little bit difference in the world just by helping raise awareness about light poverty.




riaj2016 • January 20, 2017

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