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hey there! my name is polycystic kidney disease but you can call me pkd, i am an X-linked dominant i cause cysts to grow on your kidney and sometimes they grow on your spleen, liver, pancreas, ovaries, and large bowel. Im the fourth leading cause of kidney diseases, and i cause around 5% of all kidney failure equally found  in both men and women. My symptoms usually don’t show until you are 30-40 years old.

Lately I have been staying with a woman named Becky, she is 35 years old and got the disease passed onto her by her mother. Becky’s current symptoms are pounding in the chest increase in her abdomen size, constant bladder and kidney infections, and pain in her back and side. Becky has a 50% chance of developing kidney failure by the time she reaches the age of 60, if she does have kidney failure she will require a kidney transplant or dialysis.

The cysts that I have caused to grow on Becky’s kidneys are filled with a certain type of liquid. If the cysts get too big or too many begin to grow then her kidneys can get damaged. The cysts can eventually replace most of the kidneys which reduces kidney function which leads to kidney failure.

I can also have an effect or Becky’s brain, if I reach her brain it can cause an aneurism, a stroke, and even result in death. If I get to her heart her valves will become floppy and for some patients that can result in a heart murmur.


Part 2:

What questions did you need research in order to create your mutation story?

         What is polycystic kidney disease?

         What are some of the symptoms?

         How common is it?

         Does everyone develop kidney failure?

         What other organs can get pkd have an effect on?

 What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

I just used some websites in order to find my information.

What was the process you used to investigate the topic?

first I found all my information made note of it all and then made the story.

How did the process of completing this challenge go?What could you have done better?

I think that the process of thinking of how to go about making the story was a little challenging, I think that I could have made the story a little bit better.


riaj2016 • December 31, 2016

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