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Science app review


Science app review:


Let’s say you need to review or go over something that has to do with anatomy of the human body, but you don’t know where/what to look up. A simple solution for this would be to go to google or just have an app on your device where you can learn and see things on the human body. Thankfully there is an app that is called “Bio digital human anatomy”. On this app, you can see the anatomy of many/most parts of the human body in 3D models. The app shows its users what the anatomy looks like but in a 3D form! and it also allows you to see what it would be like to dissect the heart and many more organs. You can also choose what you`re interested in learning about with options such as the digestive system, heart and circulation, the respiratory system, OB/GYN & women`s health, the male and female reproductive system, and much more. Personally, I found the app to be super simple and self explanatory. There are pros and cons to the app, a pro would be that you have many options of what you would like to see in a 3D model and you can see what dissecting the heart and more organs would be like, but a con would be that if the account that you have is a free one then you can only have five different subjects to learn about at a time in your library. But other than that, I would give this app a four and a half out of five stars!





riaj2016 • November 3, 2016

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