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Rube Goldberg Machine

The Kettle Roller 600 Steps The phone slides down the binder knocking over a heavy block. When the block falls,…

Graphing Stories

Biotechnology – Metagenomics Infographic

Cinq Règles de Sécurité dans la Cuisine

1. Si tu te blesse, allé directement a le professeur pour l’avertir. 2. C’est important de connait que quand tu…

Science Method & Paper Airplanes

For this experiment, my partner and I had to find an efficient way to make the paper airplane fly as…

Research Energy Production – Solar Panels

Part 1 A unique aspect of energy production are solar panels. Solar panels use sunlight and turn it into electricity…


Name of your host: Leena Relationship with you: Mother Interview with Host What is your job title: Education Assistant What…

Whirligig Activities

This is the link to my Whirligig Activities Project: https://sway.office.com/nNJxknEAA5ODAYBA?ref=Link

Core Competency Self-Assesment – Similar Triangles

Short Story Infographic: Synthesis of The Sea Devil and A Mountain Journey

This is called the Consequences of a Hubris Mindset. In my infographic, I compare the short stories, The Mountain Journey…

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