“No One Is To Small To Make A Difference”

– Greta Thunberg

Hello. Welcome to my Blog !

Thank you for taking your time to come here. My blog is a place where you can find my school work and assignments. You can learn about my achievements and my passions over the course of the next four years. At Riverside, I am apart of the BC Childrens Hospital club. Hopefully you leave my blog knowing a little bit more about me.

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What I like to do in my passtime is drawing. I have loved drawing and art since I was little. Most of the time I like drawing faces and making characters and making comics. Drawing is kind of like an escape of reality for me, because when I draw my mind shuts off and all my worries go away.

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Something I’m really passionate is the environment. It is very important we stop polluting the air and the ocean because it is harming many species and plant life. It is going to drastically affect our future negatively. If we don’t solve this issue now, it will get worse and worse to the point where someday, our lifestyles will revolve around Climate Change.


This is a hyperlink to a great website called 4Ocean. 4Ocean is an organisation that clean up trash from the ocean. On this website you can buy plastic beaded bracelets, hats, drinkware and more. Every purchase goes towards cleaning up the ocean.