Periodic Table COL Assignment

Define: Our task for every group is to make a periodic table in our own way whatever we like

Discover: How many squares do we need in a periodic table? When we were figuring out how many squares we needed, we counted two sides of the scares and times it together, “9×14-8=118”

Dream: The periodic table tells us it’s density, It’s name, atomic number, and symbol. We arrange it by it’s density like lightest to heaviest. We used squares instead of rectangles in the periodic table. Were using the colour blue with 3 different shades of it because we use the light blue for lightest and dark blue for heaviest.

Design: We wanted to colour it 3 different shades of blue for the density, its ignorer by density, we made the shape as a square and put it all in row’s creating a bigger square.

Deliver: Our periodic table is in order by it’s density. In our periodic we made a giant square with little squares in it in row’s, it’s in order by density, we coloured darker every time the density is heavier.

Debrief: Maybe something we could’ve done better is to be more organise and make steps for our periodic table incase we do mistakes, we messed up a few times but