Community Connections


For my CommunityConnections project, I chose a musician producer named quincerunitup.

I chose to interview quincerunitup because he is an up coming rapper, and a producer!

Something I learned from him is that you have to give up some things to do something you like and that want to succeed.


1.What are you passionate about what you do?

I’m passionate bout everything I love all music in general

2.What obstacles have you faced to get where you are today?

Miss parties, miss being in public, staying alone practicing my craft

3.What advice would you pass on to someone interested in what you are doing?

Don’t ever give up

4.Would you be open further contact from Riverside students and if so, how can someone contact you?

My instagram

5.How did you figure out you had this talent?

I started off on video editing and then slow moved over to making beats, their similar in a way

6.Who inspired you the most?

Speaker knockerz RIP


Immersion clip-Renchie D-Français 9

Voici mon immersion clip, dans la vidéo je parle a propos un thème de la mot paresseusement je parle de mes 2 d’expression, dans la vidéo je montre les photo des personnes qui est paresseuse.



miniature trebuchet


We were assigned to build a trebuchet, my partner for this project was Gautom, our project was good, we were the first people to finish before the other groups. Our trebuchet went 25ft without the golf ball, but with the golf ball if went 8ft. We had some difficulties a few times with the patch but we redid it a few times and got the right size. Our base was different from the others because we wanted a run way for the rope to stay straight or stabled


Power tech10 Robotic Arm


We decided to do what everyone else did the hydraulic robot arm. The project was really fun to make, and cool. The main part of the arm was really easy to make but the claw was hard to make, the one thing that was really hard for us, was the claw, the claw would not work and it didn’t have enough pressure to pinch the kit kat, so we decided to put tape on the claw so that it would stick on the claw. One thing we did wrong was that we didn’t put water in the tubes because we thought the air could just push the arm.



Conversation 10 – Podcast – Un volcan d’information!!!

Pour notre podcast nous parlons des catastrophes naturelles qui se produisent dans notre pays et de leur détails importants.


Pour notre premier épisode de “un volcan d’information” nous allons parlez d’un moment dans l’histoire qui à changé les vies des gens dans Halifax et comment ce désastre est arrivé


Pour notre deuxième épisode de notre podcast, nous parlons d’ouragan Juan et la destruction qu’il a causé pour les canadiennes d’Atlantique de Canada.