About me: 

Hi, my name is Renchie, I’m in grade 9. I like to play basketball because it’s really fun to play alone and with friends, for basketball I play as point guard, I’m in a basketball team outside of school called tri city, and I like to play video games with my friends such as GTA, Minecraft. I am full Filipino but was born in Canada. I have 2 parrots that could make noises, sing, talk, and can be aggressive sometimes. My favourite clothing brands are; Nike, Gucci, and Jordan

 My favourite quotes: 

– I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.-Micheal Jordan

If you’re afraid to fail, Then you’re probably going to fail -Kobe Bryant

You gotta learn how to use your mind a lil more than your heart -Polo G


 Favourite Video: 

I like this video because my favourite basketball player of all time is Micheal Jordan 



 Favourite Thing To Do:

I like to watching Naruto because my favourite parts are the fight scenes




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