Christmas project

I never really use desmos so right off the bat, my first challenge was to become familiar with the website. once i learned how to do the basics, it was fine but i didn’t know how to shade or how to insert photos. my plan for the project was to start off with simple stuuf such as the shape of my face and a tree. i wanted to do two trees, one with snow and one that was green. After I had those, I added more detail after that.  

the first issue in the project i had was fixing my shading. Often i would shade the wrong parts or somethings i wanted to be shaded would be left blank. It took me a hot minute to get the shading down. I also had some details that i wanted to add such as one of the fire places but i could not figure out how to do it. i find that often i struggle doing projects online because i work better with paper. that was difficult to stay calm and focus on the project.

I found that going through my work book helped a lot because when there was a shape i wanted to do, i could look at examples of lines and how to do them. I also figured out that there are more than one method to do one type of line.  I think this project helped a lot because it reminded me how to do many of the lines. It also made me think hard because when I had the shape but wanted to make it longer/ shorter or translate it to a different place, i got to use a lot of the strategies we learned in class.  I also like the art component. I was not a huge fan of the online aspect but other than that i really liked this project.

Fitness 11 goal

Recently I have been pretty good about my workouts, however often I get lazy and cut my workouts short. this year for my Fitness 11 goal, I want to improve my determination and consistency with workouts. To do so, I am going to do little things like have pictures of people who inspire me, and put reminders in my phone to workout. I am also going to get better about drinking water so I will feel more energized and ready to workout.

by the end of this semester, I really hope that this goal happens because I will feel very accomplished