Math reflexion

Today we are doing a reflection on our math this semester.

1. I thought that the blog posts were super dumb when I was actually doing them, but when it came to studying your for finals, it was really helpful to listen to my self explain something I didnt remember

2. It’s really helpful to do the practice tests in the work books because it is harder than the home work, but it works on your understanding and gives you a challenge

3. I did not enjoy the fonctions section in one of the units. When I was doing them in te unit it was really easy for me, but then it came to the finals, i completely forgot about them and couldn’t really figure out what I had to do with f(x). Make sure you don’t miss anything for the big tests.

4. Highlighting key words and definitions are very helpful because I did that for the first two chapters, and then stopped. I realized when I was studying for the mid term and finals that by having the key words and definitions highlighted, it was much easier and time efficient when I was remembering what to do during the chapter.

5. Just do your homework. I know that it’s not in everyone’s best interest to sit down and do math when they get home, but it helps so much. Even if you don’t do all of it, don’t leave your book empty. By at least doing a few questions, it can make all the difference to your understanding and your grade.

Physics Project!!

in this video, it shows a guy falling down the stairs. this is the concept of gravity. Gravity is an invisible force holing us to the ground. then he missed a step, gravity pulled him down causing him to fall. he is being pulled down at a speed of 9.8m/s because that is the speed of what all things fall at.

this video demonstrates the concept of uniform motion. where things move at the same speed, and never speed up or slow down. they just keep going like this forever. a place that has things moving at uniform motion is in space.


in this video