Currents from the kitchen

imageimageimagein this experement we tried to light a 2 volt led light bulb with a lemon, an orange and a potato.

Unfortunatly out result was that nothing lit up.

An observation that i have is that even though the lemon had acid, just like batteries have batterie acid, nothing happened on the light buld. However there were some movment on the voltage meter. I belive that there was a charge under 2 volts there for not being strong enough to light the bulb.

1. A complete circut will light the buld.

2. You can use the voltage meter to s  ee if the electrons are flowing.

3. The bulb didnt glow because there wasnt enough electicity.

4.we can use bigger vegtables with higher voltage to improve out chances.

5. The trasition metals are what are causing the electrons to flow. The crocodile clips help transfer the power to the bulb.

6. If you were camping, or there was a power outage, or a situation where there wasnt enough electricity, you could uuse this method as sourses of electicity.

7. This method was discovered a while ago and there arent fruits and vegetables big enough to power lightbulbs requiring 60 volts, let alone a whole city.



I know very little about electricity but I added some pictures in the mind map because I associate those things with electricity. I don’t generally know how they work, but I am excited to learn all about it in our new unit.

20151102_093913lightning bolt

  1. What is electricity?
  2. How does electricity work?
  3. Is there different types of electricity?
  4. Can humans make electricity?
  5. What is the source of electricity?
  6. What conducts and stops electricity?
  7. How was electricity discovered?
  8. Who discovered it?