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Week 12 – Intercepts

This week I learned about Intercepts. An intercept is when the X or Y axis are at zero on the graph. For an X intercept it is the point on the graph where the line crosses the x-axis, while for… Continue Reading →

Week 11 – Factoring Polynomials

This week we learned a technique/acronym to factor polynomial expressions CDPEU Can Divers Pee Easily Underwater Common Factor, Difference of squares, Pattern, Easy, Ugly C – Check if there is a common factor D – Check if there is a difference of… Continue Reading →

Week 10 – Difference of Squares

This week we learned about the difference of squares and how when you have two of the same expression binomials except that one is negative and the other is positive the middle terms cancel each other out, leaving a subtraction… Continue Reading →

Week 9 – Different Polynomial Products

This week one thing we learned was the different products that different equations can reach, one fully positive, one fully negative, and one both. The distribution of the following polynomials = (a+b)(a+b) = + ab + ba + = +2ab… Continue Reading →

Week 8 – F.O.I.L

This week we learned (or at least reviewed) a way of remembering how to multiply polynomials, of course it would be more difficult with more terms in each equation but the easiest way to understand is just with two binomials…. Continue Reading →

Week 7 – Finding an Unknown Angle (Θ,Theta)

  This week our subject was on trigonometry and more specifically this day was focused on finding the missing angles of a right angle (90 Degree) triangle. This missing angle was called “Theta” and could be found using SOH CAH… Continue Reading →

Week 6 – Surface area and Volume of Pyramids and Cones

This week I learned that a cone is 1/3 of a cylinder or how a pyramid is 1/3 a cube, I also learned about slant height and how it is involved with pyramids and cones. To find the slant height… Continue Reading →

Week 4 – Integral Exponents

This week I learned about integral exponents, and how to convert negative exponents to positive exponents. The general rule for exponents is, = =  Exponents have a pattern of being divisible by the base so continuing to the negative, you… Continue Reading →

Week 5 – Converting Units

This week I learned and practiced about how to convert units from different levels of measurement (e.g meter, centimeter, millimeter), and that converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit will equate to a smaller answer, while converting from… Continue Reading →

Week 2 – “Flower Power”

This week in exponents I learned a more simple technique for converting between a fraction exponent and a radical. Ms. Pahlevanlu calls this technique “flower power” and it is an easier way to recognize/remember which numbers go where. Why it… Continue Reading →

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