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3 Reasons Why I Would be a Better Leader than Ralph and Jack

Ralph and Jack are both young tough boys, both strong and yet they both have their own completely opposite leadership styles. Ralph for instance, he cares for everyone and his number one priority is to escape off the island. Jack… Continue Reading →

Week 4 Dividing Square Roots

This week I learned about dividing square roots, this concept was quite difficult at first and it took some time to understand the idea. We learned a topic called “Rationalizing the denominator,” which is removing the root from the denominator… Continue Reading →

Week 3 Absolute Values

This week I learned about absolute values. An absolute value is a number within the special brackets, whatever number is inside will always be positive. The absolute value will always be positive but the answer to an expression/equation could be… Continue Reading →

Week 2 Arithmetic Sequence

This week I learned about how to find the common difference for a Arithmetic Sequence. The definition of a sequence is an ordered list of numbers. whatever is the first number in a sequence is recorded as ( or a) then each term goes up… Continue Reading →

My Arithmetic Sequence

Sequence …   General Equation         Finding           Sum of 50 terms      

What it Means to be Human

Humans need communication, we’re social creatures. Humans want to be happy. Humans want to connect. Humans need friends/companions. Humans like to help. Humans can be empathetic. Humans need hopes and dreams. Humans sometimes strive for knowledge. Humans are afraid of… Continue Reading →

5 Things Important to Your Success In Math 10

There are 5 things I found important in math 10, STOP PROCRASTINATING, studying regularly (doing the homework) and practicing yourself is key to understanding the unit and doing well on your tests. ASK QUESTIONS, if you don’t understand something even… Continue Reading →

Week 15 – Slope of a Line Segment

This week we learned about slopes of a line segment, which is a measure of the steepness of the line segment, in simplest form. Slope is the ratio of the vertical change (rise) over the horizontal change (run): Slope= The rise is positive if we count up,… Continue Reading →

Racism, Then & Now

Racism has been around for countless years, prejudice among those who are the same only separated by color. I very much do believe racism is still quite strong within some individuals, but as a society racism has proudly become looked… Continue Reading →

Week 14 – Domain and Range

This week returning from Orlando I learned about domain and range. The Domain of a relation is the set of all possible values which can be used for the input of the independent variable. The Range of a relation is the set of all possible values of the output of the dependent… Continue Reading →

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