Ralph and Jack are both young tough boys, both strong and yet they both have their own completely opposite leadership styles. Ralph for instance, he cares for everyone and his number one priority is to escape off the island. Jack however, leads very differently, he does what he wants and only cares about himself! Jack only wants to have fun and enjoy their time, not concerned about getting themselves rescued. If I was leading the boys, because of my age, knowledge, and experience I can be a smarter and practical leader using aspects of both boys to get tasks done, while also keeping the boys interested and focused.

 They are too focused on a single task.

As you may know, the boys are still young’uns, the eldest of them only being merely twelve. They are still very much kids and that also means they’re still maturing, with their brains not fully developed that means their focus is still questionable. Jack only wants to have fun and hunt, while Ralph is very focused on the fire, with some focus put onto shelters. If I was leader, focus would be “spread across the table” as I would do my best to cover many tasks to increase efficiency and keep the boys busy, while letting them also have fun while working on them.

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The Boys are not very Organized

Organization is very important in any situation, if you’re unorganized everything becomes a mess. Ralph has shown some organization with his use of the conch. Used to gather the boys and allow an order of speaking the conch was a great idea and it really helped them instead of having all the boys yell on top of each other. Jack on the other hand doesn’t have organization, he is the single leader and everyone else just listens to everything he says. If I was leader, I would designate boys to certain jobs, and have them do something different frequently, I would keep track of time like piggy attempted to do and I would make sure the younger boys were paired up with an older boy to supervise and watch over.

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They are Inexperienced and Unknowing

Experience and knowledge are something you gain as time passes, so of course me being 16 and from a time where learning something new is a touch away. Because of this though it means I can be a great leader, and teacher. Problems they have and probably will experience, I already know and I can help them out. An example of this is when they don’t know how to start the fire, while I do, at the same time they let the fire get out of control, if I was leader I wouldn’t let that happen as I am more responsible and more aware of my surroundings. Other problems like cooking and preparing the pig, I have experience in cooking and would know how to do those things safely and efficiently.

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