This week we learned about slopes of a line segment, which is a measure of the steepness of the line segment, in simplest form. Slope is the ratio of the vertical change (rise) over the horizontal change (run):

Slope= \frac{rise}{run}

The rise is positive if we count up, and negative if we count down. The run is positive if we count right, and negative if we count left.  A line segment which rises from left to right has a positive slope, while a line segment which falls from left to right has a negative slope. But, a horizontal line segment has a slope of 0, while a vertical line segment has an undefined slope. Something important to know is that the slopes of all line segments on a line are equal.

Slope Formula

In mathematics, the letter “m” is used to represent slope. The slope formula can be used to find the slope within a set of ordered pairs, and to determine slope without using a graph. Where Y is rise and X is run.