June 19

Week 18 – 5 Things I Learned in Pre-Calculus

  1. always pay attention to the signs and read the questions on the tests very carefully before answering as well as after you’ve finished your test make sure that you reread what you’ve written 2 or 3 times just to be sure that all the signs are correct and you have read the questions properly.
  2. make sure you pay close attention to the signs while graphing because one mistake with that could mess up your entire graph and make it open up instead of open down
  3. pay attention to the right triangles in trigonometry and their ratios because if one side of the triangle is not in the proper place then your whole ratio will be messed up and your answer will be very different from the proper answer.
  4. make sure to always double or even triple check your answers by putting them back into the equation, no matter what it be, factoring, graphing anything of the sorts. It’s always important to make sure you verify the answers just in case you’re not sure the answers right
  5. pay attention during the lessons because if you decide to sleep through a class or skip or slack off, it will catch up to you in the end and it will bring your grade down substantially.
June 13

Week 17 – Sine and Cosine Law

this week in math we learned about the sine law and cosine law, they’re used when you can’t solve a triangle with simple SOH CAH TOA ratios.

For the top side we have a pretty simple triangle and I show you the steps above and the reason I flipped the equation upside down is because of a trick I was taught, whatever you’re trying to solve whether it be a side or an angle have that on top, so if you’re trying to figure out a side keep the sides on top and if it’s an angle keep the angles on top, work smarter not harder.

and on the bottom another simple triangle and I have demonstrated how the cosine law works there

June 13

Week 16 – The Trig Review

this week in math we did a little review of last years trigonometry unit and I wanted to share it with you guys.

What we have here with SOH CAH TOA are the ratios dependent on how you can solve which part of the triangle

I have the sides labelled on the big triangle below as well as the ratios in between, naturally hypotenuse will be the longest side, adjacent will always be the side with the reference angle and the right angle, and finally opposite will only have the right angle on it’s side.

on the right side of the picture I have demonstrated how to find an angle and a side using the cosine ratio, as you can see it is fairly simple