March 9

Math 10 Week #5

the volume of a cone is exactly 3 time a cylinders and it is simply a formula.

first thing you do is you have to know the formula that you’re using so I have mine already in place ready for me to input my numbers so after you input the numbers what I did is square the radius, multiply the squared radius with the height, multiply that with Pi, and finally divide that with 3 to get your cone from the cylinder

March 9

Math 10 Week #4

the negative exponent law is basically taking a negative exponent and turning it into a positive exponent so that it is easier to work with.

the way Ms. Burton taught us to do it is to make it into a fraction like the image above and to think of it as upstairs and downstairs if an exponent doesn’t like it on a certain floor then it is negative so to get it positive you have to make it happy and move to the only other floor (refer to example in the image)