4 thoughts on “Science App Review

  1. aidans2015

    Hello Rahu, I did as chemistry app as well and I think that you did a very good job. I think one thing you should consider is to add more pictures. However well done!

  2. jimmyw2015

    Good job Radu with you review. I liked the detailed description that was provided with the app. One thing I think you can improve on is to explain how it relates to what we are learning in Science 9 Chemistry.

    1. raduh2015 (Post author)

      Great job with the app review jimmy, I like how you showed how simple the app was to use but next time maybe add more detailed about the more detailed functions of the app

  3. antonc2015

    I liked your presentation and that it was well organized and the review is great, however, in the future try and ad more pictures so we can see how the app looks like. Good job Bud!


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