English 10 – racism then vs racism now

Back in the early 1900s racism was mostly between the white man and African Americans. The racisum was mainly towards the african Americans because of the white supremacists. That have killed many strong balck voices, that have fought and worked hard for thier rights. The KKK was a big cult back then that was white supremacists. Now they have relized that most black people are not that different than them selves. In the 21st setury racisum is not much of a problem any more. Every body has the same amount of rights.

Socials Reflection

This week we looked at women’s history and equality. This topic was very interesting to me. The most interesting thing about this topic would be when we looked and the difference between Feminity and Masculinity. I had no idea that there are speifitcly Related to men and woman. It made me realize its more on a personality trait.