Multiplying Rational Expressions

When multiplying rational expressions it is very straight forward. You simply multiply across. Follow these simple steps: 1. Factor your fractions 2. Cancel out common factors in the pattern 3/1 +|- 1/2 +|- 2/ 3… 3. Multiply the numerators then multiply the denominators 4. You will now have your answer, add the non-permissible values (non-permissible […]

Terms to Know

– Radical/Root: √ ; ∛; etc.. – Radicand: √x – Index: ∛ (3 is the index of that radical) – Coefficient: x√y ; x(y) ;  x(n/y) – Reciprocal: the flip of a fraction; 3/4 is the reciprocal of 4/3 – Exponent: the exponent is the opposite of a radical. bn – Square Root: √ – Cube Root: ∛ – Denominator: the […]

Fractions as Bases

As you may have seen in the previous two links when a fraction is the base you treat it like any other equation (make sure there are brackets). Even if the exponents are a fraction too, or if the exponent is a negative. Just remember to keep brackets around the fraction because exponents are lazy. Example […]

A Negative Exponent

There are many times you will come across negative exponents, and the method to deal with them is quite simple. You flip the base to get the reciprocal. Practice enough so that when you see a negative exponent you automatically think “flip the base” or “find the reciprocal”.   Example #1: example #2:  

Biotechnology | Epigenetics

Epigenetics Greatest Advancement In my oppinion, one of the greatest advancements in epigenetics is that it can help us Identify genetic deseases, and can lead to treatments. Genetic conditions such as cancer, heart desease, mental illness, addiction, diabeties, etc…, could be treated. Using cancer as an example: cancer is caused when genetic and epigenetic flaws add […]

Biotechnology – Research

Research Images used in Sway  “Bigstock-DNA-Background-65669200-e1455821830704.” Microbiology Research Associates, Gene Control, O’Grady, Cathleen, et al. “DNA from an Escaped Slave Who Ended up in Iceland ID’d in His Descendants.” Ars Technica, 16 Jan. 2018, “What Is Epigenetics? – Genetics Home Reference – NIH.” U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, […]