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  1. Rachellllllllllllllllll… I’m a first responder so this is interesting:

    LOLL, just wanna say… as a first-aid instructor to teenagers; love the scenario, how realistic it was, and how quickly EMS was notified. Taking charge as a first-aider is probably the most important and it was very well executed. Acting was on point. That being said… there are a few things: that’s not how you roll someone. With casualties that you didn’t see sustain the injury or illness, always suspect delicate spine (or spinal is what your teacher may have used). There’s a golden rule to first-aid. Please. Don’t. Step. Over. The. Cas. It’s bad practice and could actually get you sued. Also with hysterical people, you’d want to comfort her as well, more in hopes that she doesn’t… throw a fit and injure the casualty even further. The defib pads were very well placed, although if I’m being really picky the lower pad should be slightly lower and to his side. But regardless, AED procedure was good, try giving more clear verbal commands like, “Stay clear. Do not touch the cas.” Oh haha, common myth… defibs don’t shock like that. The jolt isn’t uhh as extreme, so don’t be surprised if in real life, your defib doesn’t give the person a seizure (no, that’s not what a seizure looks like either). Oh by the way, uhm someone turn his hips please, it’s not exactly the most dignifying position. Again, a lot of people standing around. Make use of the extra bystanders and take Tanesha somewhere else, where she won’t be a hazard to the casualty. Yes, people can be hazards.

    Uhm but yeah no good execution, just make sure you conduct all of scene survey with HEMP (Hazards, Environment, Mechanism of Injury, and PPE) with closer attention to hazards and mech of injury. But really good!

    1. Alright Kevin, thanks for the comment? Why were you on my edublog? We had to exaggerate certain things so your could see what happened. You may have missed when we said someone was keeping an eye on Tanesha off screen. We did our best ok! That was a lot of takes and editing right there…

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