Truth and Reconciliation

I as well as the rest of Canada would like to apologize to the First Nations peoples. I would like to apologize for first taking your land and treating your peoples like they were not even human. I would like to apologize for all the residential schools. What happened in these schools were horrific and left a scar that could never be healed. In a million years we wouldn’t be able to heal a mental and physical wound that deep. I am sorry that we committed cultural genocide. I am sorry how First Nations peoples are still discriminated today. These people are mistreated everyday due to being different and it’s unacceptable. We also need to improve their living conditions in Canada. Some say they living conditions are no better than a third world country and we need to change that. The Federal Government must spend more money to make more homes, make it essential to have to clean drinking water in every home. There are about 35 communities without clean drinking water and that is not okay. And with this despair comes suicide. According to several news reports, as many as 21 between the ages of 23 and nine to commit suicide in February 2007. We could only imagine now that that amounts have increased. We need to put more money for schools on reserves so First Nation youth don’t have to transfer to a big more populated and busier city and lose their way of life. We can implement water filter technology in every home on a reserve. We could also preform some acts of reconciliation. We could do this by reading books about residential school experiences. As well as watching films and documentaries. Another way we could perform everyday acts of reconciliation is by attending local cultural events. Doing at least one of these things a month would help normal everyday Canadians with a greater understanding of First Nations perspectives and ways of life. As Canadians we need treat everyone with respect and dignity here in this where we are a diverse multicultural accepting country.

Masculine and Feminine Traits in Childhood Movies

Choose a character from a favourite childhood movie and explain how that character portrays masculinity or femininity. (positively? Negatively? What do they do or say? Can you find a clip to show us?) How do you think this character has affected you?


The clip of a movie I chose was the “Bully” scene from Spider-man. This scene which is shown above shows Peter Parker a teenage boy who is bullied at school. Peter Parker is portrayed as skinny and weak which are not usually masculine traits. He gets bitten by a radioactive spider and wakes up strong and muscular which are masculine traits. Later that day he is confronted by a bully who wants to fight him. The “masculine” thing to do was to accept the fight and fight his bully. Peter originally dodges all of Flash’s (the bully) attacks, but later fights back and knocks Flash to the ground humiliating him. Peter’s neighbor and Flash’s girlfriend Mary Jane look at Peter with fear as well as Flash’s friend who calls him a freak. After this Harry (Peter’s best friend) is proud of him because he usually has more “feminine” traits but now after he beat someone in a fight to show his toughness is more of “masculine” traits. When I watched this scene for the first time I didn’t notice the masculinity or feminity of this movie and characters. I really thought it cool that a man with a big heart overcame himself and defended himself as a man.

Poco Archives Newspaper Blog Post

When I was looking at the newspapers from the late 1930s and early 1940s I saw how low the prices were. This was due to inflation (when the value of money decreases or increases). I knew things were cheaper then, but not as much as I thought. Here are some pictures below of the newspapers.