Plot Point Photos Project – “Father and Son”

In this project, we are told to find quotes that would match the plot points of the story and have an explanation below. The pictures that we have taken represent the main plot point from the short story. The short story, “Father and Son,” by Bernard MacLaverty shows the problematic relationship that a father and son have. The father and son had many struggles since the mother has passed, and have not maintained a balanced relationship since. In the short story, we are able to see both perspectives from the father and the son, and understand how they feel towards one another. The son undergoes a conflict and gets shot and is killed. The father is finally able to hold his son in his arms, and that is where the reader is able figures out the real relationship between the father and the son.


Quote: “I know that in a few minutes he will come in to look at me sleeping. He will want to check that I came home last night” (MacLaverty 1).


this is introducing the father and the son, and their relationship that they have with each other. It shows a lack of trust that the father has for his son. This presents the main topic that the story is based around.


Inciting Incident

Quote: “I love him so much it hurts but he won’t talk to me. He tells me nothing” (MacLaverty 1).  


The father expresses the love he has for his son, but struggles to gain affection from him, due to the sons past which creates the reasoning behind the conflict of the story. The conflict is how the father can never succeed in creating a father-son bond.

Rising Action

Quote: “Let me put my arm around your shoulders and let me listen to what is making you thin. At the weekend I will talk to him” (MacLaverty 2).


the father is wanting to give his son attention and talk to him, but he struggles to do so. The father also is avoiding trying to talk to his son, and work things out between them, but fails to communicate with him.

Rising Action

Quote: “My son is breaking my heart. It is already broken. Is it my fault there is no woman in the house? Is it my fault a good woman should die?” (MacLaverty 2).


In this part of the story, it is showing how the father is trying to figure out the reasons towards his son’s behaviors, and blames himself, as well as thinking of all the reasons towards these actions.

Rising Action

Quote: “I want to hear you laugh with me like you used to. I want to know what you think. I want to know why you do not eat more” (MacLaverty 2).


This part is showing how the father is coming to the realization that he doesn’t, and never will figure out who is son is. The father is starting to become more concerned than ever about his son’s well being.


Quote: “There is a bang. A dish-cloth drops from my hand and I run to the kitchen door. Not believing, I look into the hallway” (MacLaverty 3).


The father hears a gunshot and runs towards the door without hesitation, he knows that something bad has happened. He sees his son, but the father does not want to believe that his son has been shot. This is the part of the story where the foreshadowing, and where all the conflicts in the story led to.

Falling Action

Quote: “My son is lying on the floor, his head on the bottom stair, his feet on the threshold” (MacLaverty 3).

This part is where the loose ends are tied up and that it has confirmed that the son was shot. It starts to create a conclusion towards the story from the climax, in which the readers get a sense of how the father will react towards this situation.


Quote: “My son, let me put my arms around you” (MacLaverty 3).


As his son is lying on the ground, hole in his face from a bullet, the dad finally gets to put his arms around him. The only chance he has ever gotten in so long to give his son affection is the time where his son is no longer able to deny it.


Two Fisherman

Write a brief history about what capital punishment is and its history in Canada. Referencing the short story “Two Fishermen” discuss how if the story was based in Canada when it might have taken place based on your knowledge of capital punishment.

Capital punishment is a penalty that is authorized to one whose action are to the extreme. There was over 1,400 people that were sentenced to death row in Canada, and 710 were excuted.  Capital punishment had first taken place in Canada in 1865 and then was later removed from the Canadian Criminal Code in 1976. In the short story “Two Fisherman” I think that this excution would have taken place around 1865-1962 in Canada because this was when crimes of murder, treason and rape carried the death penalty.

Also, discuss your opinion on whether Thomas Delaney should have been killed for his actions in defending his wife. Come up with an argument and three reasons why or why not he should have been killed.

I think that Thomas Delaney should not have been killed for his actions, but I do think that he should have faced prison time. One reason why Thomas Delaney should not have faced capital punishment is because the man that he murder rapped his wife, and he was only protecting her. Another reason is that he commited the crime out of frusteration. Lastly, yes Thomas did kill someone and should face prison time, but the man that he murder was not a good man to begin with, and he had to put a stop to it. Today if Thomas Delaney was going to commit this crime in Canada, he would definitly face prison time, but he would not face capital punishment.



Real Motion Moments

  • Here below is a video demonstrating and explaining constant velocity. In the video they have a diagram that is to help show the information that is given and as well as show us change. In the video they also go over how to graph on the diagram and how to label it. 


  • The video below demonstrates what acceleration is and how it is used. The video also has a definition of what acceleration is – “acceleration is the rate at which velocity changes in a period of time”. The video uses an a truck speeds for example, and talks about how its speed. Then, they show us how to find the final answer in acceleration by dividing the change in velocity.

Social Confederation

  1. What colony did you represent?
  • I represented Prince Edward Island

      2. What did you feel were the biggest or most important issues for your colony?

  • I think the biggest issue for Prince Edward Island was trading and transporting goods, and transportation for citizens.
  • I think the most important issue that happened was when the ferry terminal was put into place. Since it was put into place, it would help transport citizens, and move goods.

      3. What strategy did your group come up with to deal with those issues?

  • We came up with a strategy that was able to meet almost everyone needs. We worked around our issues and we tried to figure out a way to solve it.

      4. Did you have to make any concessions during the negotiation phase?  If so, what agreements or concessions did you come up with?

  • In order to get what we wanted, we had to help out the other colonies. We helped pay a small portion of       the Railways and in return, they helped us pay for the ferry.

 5. Were you happy with the outcome of the confederation debates?

  • Yes, I was very happy with the outcome of the confederation debates. I was supersede with the outcome because I thought most people would’ve had a different opinion than my group, but it turns out, a lot of the other colonies wanted the same thing as my group.

 6. What is one thing you wish had happened differently with the final results and why?

  • Something that I wished that would’ve happened differently was agreeing on having a fee for the Island colonies. I think by having a fee on each Island it would help bring in more income and a less chance of debt.