Walter Mitty Daydream Six

The short story “The secret life of Walter Mitty” is about a man who is dreaming all day and he can’t manage his real life well. He should be more alert during day but he is dreaming all the time, so his wife gets angry in these situations but Walter doesn’t care and keeps dreaming. During this story, the author shows some examples of  expressionism and realism. Expressionism is mind concepts like flashback, dreams, pause of live time and etc. One of examples for expressionism is when he put his gloves in his car, he thought that he is a surgent and he suppose to do surgery for a millionaire banker. Realism is real life and the present tense. For example when Walter is talking to his wife, it’s realism. There will be continuation of this story below.

The firing squad was ready and waiting to hear the Walter’s order. The criminal had conjuror and he was waiting for his death with indescribable fear. Walter was enjoying to see his fear and he had a cruelly smile on his lips. “Guns ready…Firrrre” Walter shouted to the firing squad. He heard huge sounds of bullets and he felt a pain in his head. “why are you standing under rain? You can’t see this fast rain and sleets?” asked Ms. Mitty. “Go inside the car otherwise you will get cold.” Walter said. They were coming back to home and Walter was waiting for traffic light. On the mirror he saw an ambulance that was coming very fast and it was alerting to other cars to open the way. When the ambulance was passing the crossroads, Walter saw that doctors are doing something in the back of the ambulance. It seemed that there is an emergency case.

“Doctor do you think he’ll be alive till arriving to hospital?” Nurse James said. “I don’t know. It seems that his blood pressure and his heart beat are stable now. If he would stay till arriving to hospital, there will be more help there.” Said Doctor Mitty. “Damn it… his heart beat and his blood pressure are getting lower. What the hell is happening?” James said. “It should be a heart failure. We need to arrive to hospital as soon as possible. Tell the driver to drive faster.” Walter said. “we need more speed Frank. Drive faster.” James said. “I’m doing my best bro. There is a traffic light in front. I’m trying to pass it as well.” Frank said. “James come here. We need to do CPR. His heart beat stopped. If we don’t do it immediately, we will lose him. I will start it…”.

WEEK 17. Sin Law

There is a law that can help us to solve a triangle, “Sin Law”. For using this law, you should have at least 2 side and one angle or 2 angle and one side. For example in \Delta ABC the law is:

\frac {a}{sinA} =\frac {b}{sin B} =\frac {c}{sin C}

Example: In \Delta QPR , \angle Q=30, \angle P=60 and side p=3. Find the missing sides and angle.



\frac {3}{ \sqrt {\frac {3}{2}}} = \frac {q}{\frac {1}{2}}


1.8^2 + 3^2=r^2






Current Event Assignment

Mexico trade war’s ‘disruption in the marketplace’ felt apple growers in B.C

Mexico is slapping a 20 per cent tariff on U.S. farm goods including apples. An esscalating trade fight between the U.s and Mexico may affect B.C apple growers in the Okanagan experts say. Mexico is the biggest customer of Washington state apples, buying up to $250 million’s worth each year. But Mexico now wants to slap slap a 20 per cent tariff on U.S. farm goods including apples in response to the Trump administration’s tariffs on steel and aluminum.

“It’s a disruption in the marketplace and it’s hard to see how that will shake out,” said Glen Lucas, the general manager of the B.C. Fruit Growers Association.

The concern, he said, is that Washington growers may look to send more of their product into Canada if they are unable to sell to Mexico.

uring a previous trade war involving the U.S. apple growers in 2010-11, British Columbia did export apples to Mexico but Lucas says he doesn’t see it as a business opportunity to export more fruit — it’s more of a stop-gap measure.

“It’s not like we’re developing a new market, it’s just a reaction to some market pressure,” he said.


WEEK 10. Systems of equations

1.6x^2 + 1.2x=<-0.2

If you want to be more comfort you should multiply 10 at both sides of equation first.

16x^2 + 12x=<-2

Now you should put everything in one side.

16x^2 + 12x + 2=<0

Here, i choose factoring for solving the inequality:


You should first find the answer for being 0 and then examine upper and lower of that numbers.





IN first case if x will be less than -1/4 the equation will be less than 0 and if x will be more than -1/4 the equation will be more than 0.

In second case if x will be less than -1/2 the equation will be negative and if x will be more than it, the equation will be positive.

So the only zone that the equation is negative is between -1/4 and -1/2.

So the answer is: -1/2=<x=<-1/4